Matt Roth

Matt Roth Headshot


Birth Date: September 15, 1964

Age: 59 years old

Birth Place: USA

Spouses: Laurie Metcalf

In the early stages of his Hollywood career, Matt Roth acted in comedies like "'Til There Was You" (1997) and "Chicago Cab" (1998) with Paul Dillon and Harry J Lennix. He also appeared in the TV movie "Good Night, Sweet Wife: A Murder in Boston" (CBS, 1990-91). He worked in television in his early acting career as well, including parts on "The Antagonists" (CBS, 1990-91) and "Melrose Place" (Fox, 1992-99). In the early 2000s, Roth devoted his time to various credits, such as "Hollywood, D.C.: A Tale of Two Cities" (Bravo, 2000-01), "Smokey Joe's Cafe: The Songs of Leiber & Stoller" (Broadway Television Network, 2001) and "According to Jim" (ABC, 2001-09). He also worked on "Grey's Anatomy" (ABC, 2005-).

In his more recent career, he tackled roles on "Numb3rs" (2005-2010), "The Ghost Whisperer" (CBS, 2005-2010) and "Big Shots" (ABC, 2007-08). He also appeared in "Mom" (CBS, 2013-). Most recently, Roth acted on "Stalker" (CBS, 2014-15). Roth was married to Laurie Metcalf and had two children.