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Crime drama



An FBI task force uses psychological profiling in its search for missing persons.

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2002–2009 Series 7 Seasons172 Episodes

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Friday, May 17

More Than This

Season 4 • Episode 20

A young man disappears from the shelter where he was working.

Friday, May 17


Season 4 • Episode 21

A young Olympic hopeful vanishes shortly after her brother is killed in a car accident.

Friday, May 17


Season 4 • Episode 22

The team searches for a widower and his teenagers after their living room is spattered with blood.

Sunday, May 19

White Balance

Season 4 • Episode 23

A white girl and a black boy disappear on the same night; the media and FBI focus on the white girl.

Sunday, May 19


Season 4 • Episode 24

The former boyfriend of a murder victim suddenly attacks Jack and flees the building.

Sunday, May 19


Season 5 • Episode 1

The team learns about the abduction of a 5-year-old boy from the kidnapper's son.

Monday, May 20


Season 5 • Episode 2

Elena goes under cover as an exotic dancer in order to find a missing stripper.

Monday, May 20


Season 5 • Episode 3

A 911 operator goes missing after receiving a threatening phone call.

Monday, May 20

All for One

Season 5 • Episode 4

A 15-year-old disappears from a girls detention center after being threatened by other detainees.

Tuesday, May 21

The Damage Done

Season 5 • Episode 5

An Albanian mobster's mistress and their 8-year-old son go missing.

Tuesday, May 21

The Calm Before

Season 5 • Episode 6

The team searches for a missing family man living in New York.

Tuesday, May 21

All the Sinners, Saints

Season 5 • Episode 7

A young woman disappears after a priest performs an exorcism; Jack and Anne prepare for the birth.

Wednesday, May 22

Win Today

Season 5 • Episode 8

A woman takes Jack hostage while he is under cover at an illegal poker club.

Wednesday, May 22

Watch Over Me

Season 5 • Episode 9

A social worker disappears after forcibly removing a girl from her parents' home.

Wednesday, May 22

The Thing With Feathers

Season 5 • Episode 10

A young mother disappears after leaving a gathering of cancer patients.

Thursday, May 23


Season 5 • Episode 11

A high-school basketball star disappears the night he secures his team's spot in the championships.

Thursday, May 23

Tail Spin

Season 5 • Episode 12

The team searches for an air-traffic controller who disappears.

Thursday, May 23

Eating Away

Season 5 • Episode 13

The team searches for a competitive eater who disappears after winning a chili-eating contest.

Friday, May 24


Season 5 • Episode 14

An artist's work focuses on the intense personal moments of strangers.

Friday, May 24

Desert Springs

Season 5 • Episode 15

A plant foreman disappears after a fired former employee threatens him.

Friday, May 24

Without You

Season 5 • Episode 16

Jack dispatches Danny and Martin to find Elena's abducted daughter.

Monday, May 27

Deep Water

Season 5 • Episode 17

The team must contend with a meddlesome father during a search for a missing U.S. senator.

Monday, May 27


Season 5 • Episode 18

A teenage girl disappears shortly after leaving an Internet cafe followed by a teenage boy.

Monday, May 27

At Rest

Season 5 • Episode 19

Samantha tries to search for her missing sister using just the local police department's help.

Tuesday, May 28

Skin Deep

Season 5 • Episode 20

The team wonders if a boy's paternal grandfather is involved with his kidnapping.

Tuesday, May 28

Crash and Burn

Season 5 • Episode 21

The team searches for a stuntman who vanished from a film set shortly after a dangerous stunt.

Tuesday, May 28

One and Only

Season 5 • Episode 22

The team investigates the disappearance of a divorce-court judge.

Wednesday, May 29

Two of Us

Season 5 • Episode 23

The team searches for a girl who disappeared during her prom.

Wednesday, May 29

The Beginning

Season 5 • Episode 24

The team searches for a teenager; Jack must decide how to protect Elena.

Wednesday, May 29

Lost Boy

Season 6 • Episode 1

The kidnapping of an adopted toddler leaves detectives wondering.

Thursday, May 30

Clean Up

Season 6 • Episode 2

The team wonders if a man's job is a factor in his disappearance.

Thursday, May 30

Res Ipsa

Season 6 • Episode 3

The team searches for a grieving mother who believes her son was tortured.

Thursday, May 30


Season 6 • Episode 4

The team wonders if a drug dealer is responsible for his sister's abduction.

Friday, May 31


Season 6 • Episode 5

The team discovers a secret that may have caused a woman to go on the run.

Friday, May 31

Where & Why

Season 6 • Episode 6

The FBI team and Grissom continue searching for a pattern to help them capture a suspected killer.

Friday, May 31


Season 6 • Episode 7

A student vanishes after making provocative statements during a discussion.

Saturday, June 1


Season 6 • Episode 8

An ultimate fighter disappears after winning a match, and many may be responsible for his abduction.

Saturday, June 1

One Wrong Move

Season 6 • Episode 9

The team wonders if past mistakes have come back to haunt an ex-con.

Saturday, June 1

Claus and Effect

Season 6 • Episode 10

The team tries to determine if a college student is using his genius for criminal endeavors.

Sunday, June 2


Season 6 • Episode 11

A determined private investigator disappears while doing undercover surveillance.

Sunday, June 2

Article 32

Season 6 • Episode 12

A woman's disappearance may be linked to a radical anti-war group or to her father.

Sunday, June 2

Hard Reset

Season 6 • Episode 13

Jack tries to find a doctor who has performed illegal abortions.

Sunday, June 2

A Bend in the Road

Season 6 • Episode 14

While Jack is in the hospital, the team searches for a heart-transplant patient.

Sunday, June 2

Deja Vu

Season 6 • Episode 15

The team searches for a man who goes missing after waking from a three-year coma.

Sunday, June 2

A Dollar and a Dream

Season 6 • Episode 16

A lottery winner disappears after coming into millions, and the FBI suspects foul play.

Sunday, June 2


Season 6 • Episode 17

The team hunts for a tow truck driver who was touted as a hero for saving a boy's life.

Sunday, June 2


Season 6 • Episode 18

Five people with a unique connection are abducted from a coffee shop.

Sunday, June 2


Season 7 • Episode 1

The team hunts for a man whose missing daughter was never found.

Monday, June 3

22 X 42

Season 7 • Episode 2

An up-and-coming executive for a clothing company is abducted after a rooftop party.

Monday, June 3

Last Call

Season 7 • Episode 3

A white-collar criminal disappears while on his way to testify against a former associate.

Monday, June 3


Season 7 • Episode 4

A long-festering secret that set a deadly chain of events in motion is discovered.

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