Crime drama



An FBI agent recruits his brother, a mathematics genius, to help solve crimes.

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2005–2010 Series 6 Seasons130 Episodes

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Saturday, July 20

First Law

Season 5 • Episode 17

The team's investigation into the death of a scientist takes an unusual turn.

Saturday, July 20

12:01 AM

Season 5 • Episode 18

The team gets a last-minute tip that could exonerate a mob boss who is about to be executed.

Sunday, July 21

Animal Rites

Season 5 • Episode 19

The team thinks animal rights activists may have been involved in the death of a professor.

Monday, July 22

The Fifth Man

Season 5 • Episode 20

Don's life hangs in the balance after he is injured during a raid.

Monday, July 22


Season 5 • Episode 21

Charlie feels responsible for putting Don's life in danger.

Tuesday, July 23

Greatest Hits

Season 5 • Episode 22

The team investigates a series of copycat bank robberies.

Tuesday, July 23

Angels and Devils

Season 5 • Episode 23

Amita's abduction leads the team to a charismatic sociopath.

Wednesday, July 24


Season 6 • Episode 1

The team searches for a sniper with his sights set on a high-profile political activist.

Wednesday, July 24

Friendly Fire

Season 6 • Episode 2

Two members of a unit led by Don's former mentor are killed during a shootout with bank robbers.

Thursday, July 25

7 Men Out

Season 6 • Episode 3

The team investigates a gambling ring that runs a Russian-roulette tournament.

Thursday, July 25

Where Credit's Due

Season 6 • Episode 4

Don and the team investigate murders that are being copied from scenes in a new movie.

Friday, July 26


Season 6 • Episode 5

The team searches for the daughter of a geneticist.

Friday, July 26


Season 6 • Episode 6

A woman's corpse turns up at a decommissioned air base.

Saturday, July 27

Shadow Markets

Season 6 • Episode 7

The team tries to locate a cybercrime lord with an undercover sting.

Saturday, July 27


Season 6 • Episode 8

Agent Ian Edgerton is the prime suspect in a murder when the informant he met with winds up dead.

Sunday, July 28

Con Job

Season 6 • Episode 9

Robbers strike a diamond exchange and take hostages.

Monday, July 29

Old Soldiers

Season 6 • Episode 10

The team calls Agent Roger Bloom for help when money from the D.B. Cooper heist is recovered.

Monday, July 29


Season 6 • Episode 11

Don and the team investigate the theft of scratch-off lottery tickets.

Tuesday, July 30

Arm in Arms

Season 6 • Episode 12

A lost shipment of high-caliber firearms links to murders across the city.

Tuesday, July 30

Devil Girl

Season 6 • Episode 13

The team searches for a serial killer who targets men who solicit prostitutes.

Wednesday, July 31

And the Winner Is ...

Season 6 • Episode 14

The team searches for jewels stolen during an awards show; Don revisits a case.

Wednesday, July 31

Growin' Up

Season 6 • Episode 15

Investigating the deaths of two men who were sexually abused by a teacher as children.

Thursday, August 1

Cause and Effect

Season 6 • Episode 16

After their wedding, Charlie and Amita help the team look for Don's missing gun.

Thursday, August 1


Season 1 • Episode 1

An FBI agent recruits a mathematical genius to help solve a crime.

Friday, August 2

Uncertainty Principle

Season 1 • Episode 2

Don recruits Charlie to figure out where bank robbers will strike next.

Friday, August 2


Season 1 • Episode 3

Charlie's math insight may stop a deadly virus that may be bioterrorism.

Saturday, August 3

Structural Corruption

Season 1 • Episode 4

Charlie convinces Don to investigate the apparent suicide of a student.

Saturday, August 3

Prime Suspect

Season 1 • Episode 5

A mathematician's daughter is kidnapped and ransomed.

Sunday, August 4


Season 1 • Episode 6

Don and Charlie probe a series of railroad accidents involving negligence.

Monday, August 5

Counterfeit Reality

Season 1 • Episode 7

The investigation of two teens leads Don and his team to a counterfeiting ring.

Monday, August 5

Identity Crisis

Season 1 • Episode 8

Don fears he sent away the wrong person when new info arises in an old case.

Tuesday, August 6

Sniper Zero

Season 1 • Episode 9

Don and his team must stop a shooter who goes on a killing spree in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, August 6

Dirty Bomb

Season 1 • Episode 10

Hijackers of a truck carrying radioactive material threaten to detonate a dirty bomb in Los Angeles.