Should the ‘NCIS’ Team Trust Ziva After the Season 17 Premiere? (PHOTOS)

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Into the Light
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Into the Light
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Should Trust: It’s Ziva

That was enough for McGee to not go after Ziva and Gibbs when he saw them in the premiere and for him to stand up to Vance and refuse to be their backup as well. And so far, we haven’t seen anything in an episode to suggest that should change.

NCIS - Cote de Pablo as Agent Ziva David
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Shouldn’t Trust: Ziva Wasn’t Always This Ziva

The team didn’t trust Ziva all that much when she first joined in Season 3, and it has been quite a few years since they’ve seen her. Could she have reverted back to some of her old ways in that time?

Out of the Darkness
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Should Trust: She Was Targeted

As we learned, someone was trying to kill her when they blew up her family’s farmhouse, and she’s a mother trying to protect her child.

NCIS 1701 Ziva changed

Shouldn’t Trust: She Went Deep Underground

No one knows exactly what she’s been through since she faked her death. She told Gibbs she has been taking pills for anxiety, but that’s only one of her “demons” and there’s quite a bit she’s not sharing. (Should we be wondering about the scar on her wrist Gibbs pointed out? Might that not have been an easier conversation topic like he thought?)

Out of the Darkness
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Should Trust: She Knows More Than Anyone Else Does

The team has just been brought in to the case, while Ziva has been gathering intel for years.

Into the Light
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Shouldn’t Trust: Is She Turning on the Team?

The video is also cut together to make it look like there’s reason not to trust Ziva, that she could be working with Sahar and that the agency wants to arrest her. It even looks like she’s fighting Torres and she and Bishop pull their guns on each other.

NCIS 1702 intel

Should Trust: She Doesn’t Want Anyone Else to Get Hurt

“The less you all know, the better,” she says in the Episode 2 promo. And in the premiere, she was reluctant to let McGee help because she didn’t want him at risk. That could explain her behavior in the promo, as could …

NCIS 1701 Ziva Sahar

Shouldn’t Trust: She’s Determined to Kill Sahar

As we saw in the premiere, she has decided that in order to return to her family, she has to kill Sahar. The episode ended with Gibbs between the two women and Ziva unwilling to stand down even with a US Senator’s life on the line.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for the Season 17 premiere of NCIS, “Out of the Darkness.”]

Ziva (Cote de Pablo) is officially back on NCIS, but her time away has clearly changed her — and now the promo for her next episode suggests that the team may need to think twice about trusting her.

It turns out that Ziva was the target of the explosion that took out her family’s farmhouse, the one that presumably killed her. To get to the bottom of it and protect her family, Ziva used the opportunity to fake her death and go deep underground to uncover the truth. But there’s still quite a bit about the past few years and what she’s been up to that she hasn’t spoken about.

Now it’s looking like “Into the Light” will see the others questioning which side she’s on. (However, we should also keep in mind that promos can be misleading.) Click through the gallery for the reasons we should and shouldn’t trust Ziva.

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