6 ‘Yellowstone’ Characters Who Have Captured Our Attention in Season 4

Forrie J. Smith, Jefferson White, Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone
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Before Yellowstone Season 4 premiered, there was only one question for multiple characters: Who will survive? With that answered in the premiere and quite a bit happening since, it’s now about what’s next for everyone.

Who might kill someone? Who needs to calm down a bit? And just what will happen as the truth about who orchestrated the attacks on the Duttons comes out? The first five episodes of the season have left characters like Beth (Kelly Reilly), Jamie (Wes Bentley), and Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith) at crossroads. Meanwhile, we’ve also met several new ones, including Carter (Finn Little) and Summer (Piper Perabo) who are shaking things up for the Duttons and at the ranch.

Scroll down for the characters keeping our attention in Season 4.

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Kelly Reilly as Beth in Yellowstone
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Beth (Kelly Reilly)

If you ask Beth right now, Jamie was the one who orchestrated the attacks that nearly took her, Kayce, and John’s lives at the end of Season 3. She’s even told him as much, and it seems if she had things her way, she’d kill him at some point this season. But what she doesn’t know is that it looks like his biological father, Garrett (Will Patton), was responsible, but what will Jamie do with that knowledge? And how will Beth react the more she finds out?

Wes Bentley as Jamie in Yellowstone
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Jamie (Wes Bentley)

Speaking of what Jamie now knows, he’s sort of cut ties with the family that adopted him and while he may have seemed ready to turn on Garrett after likely finding out the role he played in the attacks, the end of Episode 5 might have changed that. When he got home, Garrett wasn’t the only one waiting for Jamie: Christina (Katherine Cunningham) and their child was, too. So which family will he choose — the one who raised him (all the drama and heartache of it aside) or the one he just learned about who likely tried to take the former out?

Forrie J. Smith as Lloyd in Yellowstone
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Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith)

It seems as though Lloyd and Walker (Ryan Bingham) are in a kill-or-be-killed situation, but will it come to that? There’s a lot of bad blood there — including the Laramie (Hassie Harrison) of it all — and the two men have already come to blows this season. But, as Rip (Cole Hauser) reminded everyone (and especially Lloyd, painfully), there’s no fighting on the ranch. Will Lloyd let his anger go before it’s too late?

Piper Perabo as Summer in Yellowstone
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Summer (Piper Perabo)

Perabo’s character may have clashed with two Duttons already — Kayce (Luke Grimes), when he broke up the protest she was leading, and then John (Kevin Costner) after she was in custody — but it seems she’s about to get a look at the ranch. Surprisingly, John was the one to bail her out and she agreed to go with him back to the ranch. Plus, we know that she’s going to be shifting focus of her protesting and “parts of the Dutton family” will keep her around.

Jefferson White as Jimmy in Yellowstone
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Jimmy (Jefferson White)

After doing exactly what John told him not to — getting back on a horse and injuring himself again — Jimmy’s been sent off to learn what it means to be a real cowboy. But will he take everything he’s learning away from the Dutton Ranch and be the kind of person that John and Rip want to let back in?

Finn Little as Carter in Yellowstone
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Carter (Finn Little)

Beth met the kid who’s exactly like a young Rip outside the hospital; she was visiting John after the Season 3 finale shooting, he was waiting for his father to die. She ended up sort of becoming his guardian, but he’s also made the mistake of disrespecting her. Rip has taken him under his wing to see if he can set him on the right path. Will Carter follow in the footsteps of the foreman?