Who Is Caleb on ‘Westworld’? 4 Theories for Aaron Paul’s Character (PHOTOS)

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Caleb’s just a regular guy

If we’re looking at him on a surface level, Caleb might be normal guy just trying to make his way in the world. Based on the trailers we’ve seen so far, it appears he works a construction job, might have a relative in the hospital and might be mixed up in some shady stuff… and after he meets Dolores, his life probably only gets shadier. His robot best friend doesn’t exactly mark him as “normal,” but his status as a blue-collar, 9-to-5 working man makes it seem like the writers at least want viewers to start the season thinking he’s normal.

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Caleb’s a host

The Season 3 trailer includes a shot framing Caleb in the same way as the hosts were framed in Season 1 — looking up after waking up in the morning, staring blankly ahead at the ceiling. That’s a deliberate parallel, but why has Westworld chosen to include it? Granted, there are some changes in the shots; Caleb’s is darker, perhaps showing the contrast between the “real world” and the park. Early season press also claimed he’s human, so if we’re taking the showrunners and actors at their word, he’s exactly who they claim he is. Nonetheless, there’s at least one early hint that Caleb’s not who he appears to be.

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Caleb’s related to someone we know

This is a potentially “out there” theory, but it’s possible — although perhaps not likely — that Caleb could be related to someone we’ve already met. The most likely candidate might be Ford (Anthony Hopkins), if he had a child. He could also be related in some way to William (Ed Harris), although the gunslinging antihero told his wife that despite all his dark deeds in the park and the stain on his soul, he was faithful to her. That still leaves the door open for Caleb to be related to William in other ways; he could be a cousin or a nephew. Based on the IMDB cast list it appears Caleb’s past is important, since there’s an actor cast for the role of “Young Caleb.”

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Caleb’s a love interest for Dolores

With Teddy (James Mardsen) uploaded to the Valley Beyond and William being… well, William, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) doesn’t have anyone to love. That’s not a problem that Westworld has to solve. She’s definitely got bigger issues to deal with. That said, it’s a possibility that something could develop between her and Caleb, especially if he’s the one to show her that humans aren’t all evil. From Comic-Con interviews and later press, we know Caleb will be spending plenty of time with her, so there’s a definite chance that a bond, romantic or platonic, could develop.

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If you were taken aback by the first trailer for Season 3 of Westworld, you wouldn’t be the only one. The preview largely featured Aaron Paul running around a cyberpunk landscape and musing about how he needs to find “something real,” which eventually leads him to a dark tunnel… and humanoid-looking robotic “host” Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood). Oh, the irony!

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Throughout the show’s filming and press, Paul’s character has remained a mystery. We’ve been told his name is Caleb and he’ll spend much of the season with Dolores. Oh, and he has a cool robot pal named George. But other than that, he’s obscured by Westworld’s familiar narrative fog. Based on all the deliberate misdirection in the previous twenty episodes, it’s hard not to wonder who — or what — he is, or who he could become.

Here are four theories we have about Caleb, heading into the show’s third season.

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