8 ‘Watchmen’ Questions We Need Answered in a Possible Season 2 (PHOTOS)

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Did the Egg Work?

Certainly the biggest question following the Season 1 finale is Angela’s (Regina King) step out onto the pool. Did it happen? Did the egg work its Dr. Manhattan magic and transform her into a superhuman? That was the implication but we’d love some confirmation if Season 2 happens.

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Should We Be Worried About Bian?

Lady Trieu’s (Hong Chau) mother/daughter, Bian (Jolie Hoang-Rappaport), was among the survivors following the squid hail storm. Should that concern us? If Season 2 were to happen, we assume that the child wouldn’t grow up to be too different from Lady Trieu’s original mother. And considering the narcissist she raised, we can’t help but think she wouldn’t bode well for those who helped kill Trieu.

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Where’s the Nite Owl, Dan?

Dan Dreiberg was one of the original Watchmen who is alluded to in the show but never shown. If Season 2 were to occur, we’d definitely like to see this character return to the universe. Based on an earlier conversation in the season between Laurie (Jean Smart) and Joe Keene (James Wolk), it sounds like the vigilante is in prison.

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What’s Will’s Secret to Longevity?

We know that the old man was Hooded Justice at one point, but Will’s (Louis Gossett Jr.) early season behavior still has us perplexed. Two moments in particular went unanswered — when Will gulped down a steaming hot pot of coffee, and when retrieved a hard boiled egg from steaming water. There’s also the fact that he’s over 100 years old. Did Dr. Manhattan help him out somehow? We need to know.

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Will Adrian Really Answer for His Crimes?

At the end of the season, Wade (Tim Blake Nelson) and Laurie (Jean Smart) take Adrian (Jeremy Irons) into custody while on his Karnak estate in Antarctica. Will they manage to get home and serve him up to the FBI? And if so, where will things go from there? Adrian did mention that the world would end if people found out he was responsible for the squid attack in ’85.

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Is Wade Okay?

The detective known as Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) had been suffering from PTSD sparked by the squid attack in ’85, and now that he’s aware of the hoax, is that any different? Considering what he knows and how he’s involved in the imprisoning of Adrian, perhaps he’s on the road to recovery?

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Will Laurie Confront Angela?

Once we learned that Angela’s (Regina King) husband was actually Dr. Manhattan, we were wondering when her and Laurie (Jean Smart) would address this revelation together, considering Laurie’s past with the blue man. Sadly no conversation ever took place, so if Season 2 does happen, we’d love to see that exchange.

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Will Police Continue to Wear Masks?

Now that the reasoning for wearing their masks — the Seventh Kavalry — is all but eliminated, will the Tulsa police continue to shroud their faces? It seems unlikely, but a second season could provide a more definitive answer.

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[Warning: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the season finale of Watchmen, “See How They Fly.”]

Season 1 of HBO’s Watchmen has come to an end and without the promise of a second season, there’s more than a few questions that could remain unanswered.

Should a second season actually be ordered, we’re rounding up all of the key questions we’d like to see answered or resolved. From Adrian’s (Jeremy Irons) fate to Angela’s (Regina King) cliffhanger ending, there’s more than a few things we’d like to know for sure.

Click through the gallery to see which questions could be answered if HBO gives the top-notch series a follow-up season.

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