12 of the Funniest ‘Walking Dead’ Moments (PHOTOS)

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”You look ridiculous!”

Norman Reedus improvised this line in Season 5’s “Remember,” and we’re happy he did. Daryl’s reaction to seeing Carol’s new look — and the new faux attitude that went with it — mirrored many viewers’ thoughts as she emerged in full “Stepford Carol” ensemble.

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Carol adapts to new surroundings

The humor in this moment might be in the irony of it all. Throughout the group’s first episode in Alexandria, Carol reverts back to her happy homemaker persona and convinces Deanna she’s not a threat so that she can spy on the residents and report back to Rick without arousing suspicion. Carol’s housewife act makes for some hilarious moments, including when she tells Deanna she’s “a real people person.”

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Negan gives Gabriel some good advice

Trapped in a trailer with walkers all around them, Negan offers a terrified Father Gabriel some words of wisdom in the Season 8 premiere. “I hope you got your sh**in’ pants on,” he says. When Gabe questions him, the bat-man continues: “Your sh**in’ pants. I hope you’re wearing ‘em right now. Because you are about to s**t your pants.” Profound, Negan. Profound.

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Bible study at Brokejaw Ranch

This whole situation was rather humorous, if creepy. Of course, “bible study” was less a bible study and more a drug-fueled teenager hangout complete with a walker head named “Jeff.” Madison’s observation that “Alicia must have read the entire book of Moses by now,” in light of what was actually going on, is worth a few laughs.

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Daryl and Rick chase Jesus

In terms of sheer absurdity, this moment might be the funniest. After realizing Jesus is on the roof of their truck, Rick stomps on the brakes to send him back to Earth — this culminates in Rick chasing the interloper with the car while Daryl gets out and chases him on foot.

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Glenn spills the beans

Glenn was a great guy and an ideal right-hand man, but he wasn’t the best person to tell a secret. After going to Dale for advice and being told to “stop being dramatic” and “spit it out,” Glenn did — and told him that Hershel had a barn full of walkers and that Lori was pregnant. Yikes!

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Everything sucked and Eugene had just revealed he was lying about having the cure, but at least Tara found a bright side…kind of. She wrote the first letter of each group member’s name on a series of water bottles and was cheerfully proud of coining the acronym “GREATM” for Glenn, Rosita, Eugene, Abraham, Tara and Maggie.

Fear The Walking Dead Nick Clark

Nick tries(?) to help

Nick Clark may have spent the first season and a half of Fear as an absolute mess dressed in clothes best suited for a bargain bin, but at least he had a sense of humor about it. That showed when he offered to help Travis look for Chris. Smirking to himself, Nick shouted after his mom’s boyfriend as he left the boat: “I can help, if you want, though. I know at-risk youth. I am at-risk youth!” As the main show’s Sasha once said, self-awareness is a beautiful thing.

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Rick vs. Father Gabriel

Before Gabe was looking after Negan and hooking up with Rosita, he was just kind of…there, and his decision to reveal the group’s shadowy past to Deanna landed him solidly on Rick’s bad side. This made for some pretty comical moments in Season 6, including when he tried to volunteer for a run (Rick’s response: “No. Anyone else?”) and when he was putting up notices about a prayer circle (Rick’s response: he tore them down).

Walking Dead Glenn First Words

Glenn and Rick’s first “meeting”

Many of Glenn’s lines in the early seasons evoked laughs, but perhaps none more so than his first words to Rick in the pilot. When all hope seemed lost, Rick heard a voice over the tank’s radio: “Hey you. Dumbass. Yeah you, in the tank. Cozy in there?” The absurdity of the situation, paired with a well-deserved insult, made for one of the first truly funny moments in the series.

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”Mat said welcome.”

“Clear” is one of the show’s best episodes, but this Season 3 classic didn’t just feature Morgan’s return. Michonne gets some great characterization in these 43 minutes, not the least of which occurs when she eats some of Morgan’s food and says his welcome mat gave them permission to do so.

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Strand lays out the rules of the boat

Angered by Alicia’s communication with another survivor via radio and unwilling to go rescue the stranger, Strand tells the gang how things are going to be on the Abigail. “Rule number one: it’s my boat. Rule number two: It’s. My. Boat. And if there remains any confusion about rules one and two, I offer rule number three: it’s my goddamn boat.”

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Sure, these shows may be about zombies, struggling for survival and fighting wars against the living and the dead. And sure, the newest group of bad guys just showed up wearing walker skins as suits. But despite all the societal collapse and main characters dying and utter chaos, The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead have had some pretty hilarious quotes and scenes.

Here are 11 moments from both shows that never fail to make us laugh.

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