8 Video Games Still in Need of TV Series Adaptations (PHOTOS)

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Square Enix; Rockstar Games; Sony Computer Entertainment
Video Games, Bioshock
2K Games


The hit franchise started with a 2007 first-person shooter set in an Art Deco underwater “utopia” ruined by the discovery of a genetic material that grants superhuman abilities.

Video Games, Heavy Rain
Sony Computer Entertainment

Heavy Rain

The story of this interactive drama — based off a 2,000-page script — follows four protagonists involved in the case of a serial murderer known as the Origami Killer.

Video Games, Her Story
Sam Barlow

Her Story

In this interactive game, the player tries to solve the case of a missing man by sifting through videotaped police interviews of his wife, played by British musician Viva Seifert.

Video Games, The Last of Us
Sony Computer Entertainment

The Last of Us

This award-winning game follows a smuggler named Joel and his teenage charge, Ellie, as they fend off humans and infected creatures in a post-apocalyptic United States.

Video Games, Life Is Strange
Square Enix

Life Is Strange

18-year-old photography student Max discovers she can rewind and rewrite time as her town faces an oncoming storm, and the butterfly effects of her decisions affect the player’s progress in this adventure game.

Video Games, Mass Effect
Microsoft Game Studios

Mass Effect

Set in a universe in which mechanical beings called Reapers routinely scrub the Milky Way galaxy of species who have surpassed a certain threshold of advancement, this series has won praise for its inclusive storylines.

Video Games, Myst


In this classic point-and-click adventure, the best-selling PC game of all time until The Sims, two brothers both try to convince the player to believe that the other one killed their father, a man who had the power to write picturesque “ages” into existence.

Video Games, Red Dead Redemption
Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption

Set in the American frontier in 1911, this Western-themed game — known for its morality system — centers on a former outlaw who hunts down his former gang affiliates after the U.S. government takes his wife and son hostage.

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For as huge an industry as video gaming is, any list of live-action television shows based on video games is surprisingly small.

Mortal Kombat spawned the short-lived syndicated drama Mortal Kombat: Conquest in 1998, Halo inspired the five-episode YouTube series Halo: Forward Unto Dawn in 2012, and… any others? Anyone? Netflix recently premiered The Witcher, but remember, it's based on the fantasy novel series that inspired the hit video game franchise.

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Meanwhile, there have been nigh countless movies based on video games — think Tomb Raider, Doom, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Need for Speed… the list goes on.

Who knows when video game stories will hit the small screen in earnest, but after The Witcher's recent success, hopefully this is a turning point. In the gallery above, take a look at eight games — some classic throwbacks and others more recent — that are long overdue for a live-action adaptation. This is far from the full list, but it's a start!