Is TV Your True Love? Then You'll Heart Our Valentine's Gift Guide

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Peggy Li Gift Guide

Have a Heart Necklace
Everyone deserves a little love and we are head over heels for this sterling silver piece from designer Peggy Li that has been seen hanging around the necks of Aria on Pretty Little Liars and Thea on Arrow. Available in two lengths., $45

Nibbler Gift Guide

Nibbler Statue
If you have nobody to nibble on your ear this Valentine’s Day, that’s ok! The pop-art crew at kidrobot have this flocked tribute to Futurama’s royal crew member, Lord Nibbler. Not only is he cute AF, he’s also super low-maintenance and keeps quiet. So he’s basically the perfect man!, check for prices

Orbis-MB-G-Vitaly Gift Guide

Vitaly Accessories
The Canadian lifestyle brand’s line of men’s pieces (including this gorgeous woven Orbis bracelet and some rings TO DIE FOR) are so universally sexy, it’s no wonder we’ve seen them everywhere from Dynasty to Star Trek Discovery., prices vary

Animal Kingdom S2 DVD Gift Guide

Animal Kingdom The Complete Second Season
It may not be the most romantic show on TV, but it is one of the sexiest and that makes the second season of TNT’s blazingly cool and brutal crime-family drama the perfect binge pick for anyone not vibing with Cupid this year., $19.99

Sprayground Family Guy Gift Guide

Sprayground’s Family Guy Backpack
The street-style favorites have honored Peter Griffin with a perfectly sci-fabulous Fashion Killa bag…and even Stewie would want to wear this one.
sprayground, $65

YOU Gift Guide

Caroline Kepnes’ stunning debut novel about a manipulative bookseller who uses social media to turn himself into the perfect man for a beautiful customer is coming to Lifetime with Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail and Shay Mitchell. Since storylines have been tweaked for TV, see why the original had fans going crazy for the creepy stalker when it first dropped., $9.62

Terror Gift Guide

The Terror
Before AMC unleashes their big-budget new thriller, dig into Dan Simmons’ sprawling novel that mixes historical accounts of two missing ships with a supernatural twist that will have you feeling very Lost., $11.59

Great News Gift Guide

Great News Tote
Fake news has never been funnier than NBC’s comedy, so why not support the movement with this canvas tote (measuring 15″x18″x6″ with 22″ reinforced fabric handle) emblazoned with The Breakdown’s logo? We’re sure it’s due to turn up on Portia’s Instagram., $16.95

Expanse Gift Guide

The Expanse Collectibles
Indulge your inner nerd (or someone else’s) with kidrobot’s new collection of vinyl art figures saluting Syfy’s top-notch space opera. The six-item line features mini versions of Avasarala, Capt. Holden and Nagata, as well as Lamal, Burton and Josephus Miller (not pictured)., check for prices

X-Files Gift Guide

The X-Files Notebook
If the truth is out there, what’s in here? Whatever you want. Phone numbers, shopping lists, low-fat queso recipes…just kidding, those don’t exist! But you or your Mulder will look hella cool jotting down notes in this spiral-bound, 160-page journal that tells the world that you do, in fact, want to believe., $15.95

Magicians Gift Guide

The Magicians Swag
Skip the Brakebills University Bookstore and head to Spencer’s for their exclusive “Fillory and Further’ line of shirts, glasses, hats and other Magicians goodies. Developed in partnership with Universal Cable Productions, the collection will also include buttons, magnets and even socks sporting artwork from the show. Available 2/15., prices vary

Team Angel Gift Guide

Team Angel T-Shirt
Since love is eternal, represent for Buffy the Vampire Slayer‘s OTL with this simple but killer look., $24.99


Team Spike T-Shirt
Or you can get behind the later seasons’ controversial coupling, but just be warned that haters WILL hate., $24.99

wayneenterprises-t-shirt Gift Guide

Wayne Enterprises T-Shirt
Gotham‘s Bruce Wayne may still be a Batman-in-training, but full-time employees of his family’s company can be proud to bear the logo on this super-soft silkscreened shirt that comes in five colors., $6

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Ugh, Valentine's Day. You either need to spend a ton on someone to prove your love or listen to everyone who has someone talking about having to spend a ton on their significant others. It's enough to make you want to... splurge.

So since we here at TV Insider adore television more than pretty much anything—and we know you do, too!—we've put together a rundown of gifts that celebrate that love and scream "treat yourself!"