At Least No One Dies in These 5 True Crime Titles

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When you think of the true crime stories that have everyone obsessed and falling down rabbit holes on the internet, chances are your mind immediately goes to serial killers, like Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy. But there’s so much more and weirder content available in the true crime genre — if you’re willing to hunt for it.

White-collar crimes, scams and bizarre cults appear in the list below, where we’ve rounded up some titles where no one dies.

Must-See TV for Serial Killer True-Crime EnthusiastsSee Also

Must-See TV for Serial Killer True-Crime Enthusiasts

From Peacock's 'John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise' to Reelz's 'Green River Killer,' these picks will ruin your dreams.
Love Fraud Ellen Sandi Tracy Sabrina Carla
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Love Fraud (2020)

Shockingly, this four-episode docuseries doesn’t involve murder. Scorned women recount how middle-age con artist Richard Scott Smith charmed his way into their lives and their bank accounts. Spoiler alert — karma wins in the end! Showtime Anytime

Made You Look a True Story About Fake Art Poster
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Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art (2020)

Is that a real undiscovered Jackson Pollock? In the ’90s, one would have expected New York City’s iconic art dealership Knoedler & Co. to know. More than 60 forgeries sold by the gallery’s director, Ann Freedman, say otherwise in this edifying feature-length doc examining this major $80 million art scandal. Netflix

McMillion$ poster HBO

McMillion$ (2020)

A case of fraud: six tasty hours on how the McDonald’s Monopoly game was totally McRigged! As charismatic FBI special agent Doug Mathews notes in the opener, “How crazy bulls–t is that?” HBO Max

Screwball Documentary MLB Baseball
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Screwball (2018)

Filmmaker Billy Corben takes a big swing to lighten up his documentary about Major League Baseball’s 2013 doping scandal: Kids performing Drunk History-esque reenactments! Netflix

Wild Wild Country Netflix

Wild Wild Country (2018)

In the ’80s, Indian cult leader and Rolls-Royce collector Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh moved thousands of his free-lovin’ disciples to an Antelope, Oregon ranch. This six-part history gets Wild-er as their crimes, from immigration fraud to salad-bar bioterrorism, rack up. Netflix