7 Stars We Want to See in More Hallmark Movies

Krystal Joy Brown Aaron Tveit Alvina August
Chris Craymer/Crown Media (2); Geoff Neufeldt/Crown Media

Each year — and especially at Christmas — Hallmark puts out quite the slate of movies, most starring some very familiar faces. But there are also some actors who come in occasionally or just debuted in 2020.

Whether they were part of the latter group (like Aaron Tveit and Alvina August) or the former (like Eion Bailey), some left quite the lasting impression and us wanting to see more of them in the future — especially if it means more singing for a few.

Scroll down as we take a look at some of the actors for whom we hope 2020 won’t be their last Hallmark appearance.

Aaron Tveit One Royal Holiday
Chris Craymer/Crown Media

Aaron Tveit

2020 movie: One Royal Holiday

Tveit made his debut on Hallmark this year, and his royal prince, along with his family, is so entertaining as they end up trapped by snow (and then later on happily by their own choices) in a small town inn. And, of course, we’d need to see the Broadway star sing if he returned for another movie.

Alvina August Deliver by Christmas
Geoff Neufeldt/Crown Media

Alvina August

2020 movie: Deliver by Christmas

We’re hoping that the bakery owner won’t be the only character August plays in one of these movies. She had to make her character falling for a man over the phone — while also in person — believable, and she did.

Eion Bailey Deliver by Christmas
Geoff Neufeldt/Crown Media

Eion Bailey

2020 movie: Deliver by Christmas

Bailey has done a Hallmark Christmas movie before (2017’s Switched for Christmas), but this year’s allowed him to truly shine opposite August (with only the one love story, versus the two on top of the twins’ relationship in the other).

Janel Parrish Holly and Ivy
Michael Larsen/Crown Media

Janel Parrish

2020 movie: Holly & Ivy

Her debut came in one of the more heartfelt and serious movies of the season, and she made it believable that her character would adopt the kids of a neighbor she just met. The more lighthearted moments of the film make us want to see her in something that has a bit more comedy to it in the Hallmark rom-com genre.

Jeremy Jordan - Holly and Ivy
Michael Larsen/Crown Media

Jeremy Jordan

2020 movie: Holly & Ivy

Another Broadway actor who appeared in his first Hallmark movie this season, Jordan showed he has the leading man role down. But next time, we’d like to see him do something that allows him to show off his musical talents — and as we’ve been before with these movies, that happens often enough that it’s easy to make that happen.

Krystal Joy Brown One Royal Holiday
Chris Craymer/Crown Media

Krystal Joy Brown

2020 movie: One Royal Holiday

After witnessing Brown’s Hallmark debut as the best friend of the female lead of One Royal Holiday and with her character, the town’s mayor, a standout in the film, we want to not only see more of her but see her take on the leading role.

Mallory Jansen - On the 12th Date of Christmas
Steven Ackerman/Crown Media

Mallory Jansen

2020 movie: On the 12th Date of Christmas

Jansen’s debut was one of the more unique movies of the season, with her one of two game designers (the other played by Hallmark fave Tyler Hynes) who team up to create a city-wide scavenger hunt (and, of course, fall in love). Jansen fit right into the Hallmark family as someone who loved Christmas but wasn’t over the top about it.