15 TV Characters We’re Worried Might Die Next Season

'FBI: International,' 'The Equalizer,' and 'Chicago P.D.'
Nelly Kiss/CBS; Michael Greenberg/CBS; Lori Allen/NBC

With the end of another broadcast season comes cliffhangers that do leave some characters’ fates up in the air. And unfortunately, it’s hard to imagine that all of them will survive, so chances are we’ll have to say goodbye to at least one.

Injuries sustained in the line of duty have landed both a firefighter and police officer from One Chicago in the hospital. Characters on both Chicago Med and Fire Country need kidney transplants and have matches in family members, but both those situations carry some complications. A firefighter and a doctor collapsed at the end of both Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy. And multiple members of the teams of The Equalizer and FBI: International were left in precarious situations.

Scroll down to check out the characters who could die next season. (And yes, just over a third of this list comes from one show.)

Christian Stolte in 'Chicago Fire'
Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC

Mouch, Chicago Fire

The only good news is Mouch (Christian Stolte) wasn’t shot. But he was hit by shrapnel when all of 51 had to take cover from a sniper in the Season 11 finale, and though it was removed in the hospital, how much he started bleeding at the end when Herrmann (David Eigenberg) was visiting him has us worried. We can’t imagine 51 without Mouch, and his death certainly would send shockwaves through the entire firehouse.

Steven Weber in 'Chicago Med'
Lori Allen/NBC

Dean, Chicago Med

Dean (Steven Weber) needs a new kidney (pretty much ASAP), and at first, it looked like he’d get one from his son, Sean (Luigi Sottile). But Sean fell off the wagon, and he has to be six months sober to donate. If Dean can’t find another match and he still agrees to take Sean’s kidney (which he wasn’t so sure about), can he stay alive for six more months?

Patrick John Flueger in 'Chicago P.D.' - Season 10 - 'Deadlocked'
Lori Allen/NBC

Ruzek, Chicago P.D.

Before Intelligence could take down white supremacist Richard Beck, his grandson Cal shot the undercover Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger). And since Cal’s mom wanted to protect him, she left Ruzek bleeding and took his phone. By the time the cop got his hands on it and was able to let the unit know he needed help, he’d lost a lot of blood. We didn’t see him again (or get an update) after he was brought to the hospital. After Jay (Jesse Lee Soffer) left in Season 10, we have to admit we’re worried how the unit would handle another loss, especially if it’s someone dying in the line of duty.

Liza Lapira, Tory Kittles, and Adam Goldberg in 'The Equalizer' - 'No Way Out'
Michael Greenberg/CBS

Mel, Harry, and Dante, The Equalizer

When someone from Robyn’s (Queen Latifah) past she thought was dead came back in the Season 3 finale, Mel (Liza Lapira), Harry (Adam Goldberg), and Dante (Tory Kittles) were last seen held in a room about to be burned alive. Will all three make it out alive, or is Robyn about to lose someone important to her? Chances are it’s the former, but anything is possible and any of those characters dying would be a significant blow to the show.

Heida Reed, Eva-Jane Willis, Carter Redwood, Greg Hovanessian, Vinessa Vidotto, and Luke Kleintank in 'FBI: International'
Nelly Kiss/CBS

The entire Fly Team, FBI: International

Though the Fly Team was able to stop a missile sale, they realized too late that the intended buyer’s bodyguard had been in the first level of their HQ’s building … and Raines (Carter Redwood) was just outside and the others inside — Scott, Jamie (Heida Reed), Vo (Vinessa Vidotto), Smitty (Eva-Jane Willis), Powell (Greg Hovanessian), and the arms broker — were last seen about to leave when a bomb went off. We only saw Raines after the blast, on the street, presumably unconscious. Could everyone inside have made it out alive? Or might the Fly Team be down a member next season? (We highly doubt the drama would kill off everyone in one go like that.) Powell just joined the team, so his loss, despite his past with Scott and new romance with Vo, might be the easiest to stomach. (At least we don’t have to worry about Tank dying; the dog was at a safe distance from the blast.)

Diane Farr in 'Fire Country' - 'Watch Your Step'
Sergei Bachlakov/CBS

Sharon, Fire Country

One attempt at a transplant already failed for Sharon (Diane Farr), though things were looking up for her getting a kidney with her brother-in-law Luke (Michael Trucco) a match. And let’s be honest: That working out would only make an already complicated dynamic with those two and Sharon’s husband (and Luke’s brother) Vince (Billy Burke) even messier. But what if Sharon’s body rejects his kidney? What if something goes wrong during the operation? (Perhaps we should also be worried about Luke?) What if Sharon survives, only to die once she returns to work during a call?

Kim Raver in 'Grey's Anatomy' - 'Love Don’t Cost a Thing'
ABC/Raymond Liu

Teddy, Grey's Anatomy

At the end of the Season 19 finale, Teddy (Kim Raver), who just seemingly needed to get to a dentist, collapsed in the OR and Yasuda (Midori Francis) had to use the defibrillator on her. Raver will be back for Season 20, making us think she won’t be dying in the premiere (though who knows?), but we don’t know what’s happened to Teddy. What if there’s something serious going on and there isn’t a treatment?

Grey Damon in 'Station 19' - 'Come As You Are'
ABC/James Clark

Jack, Station 19

It wasn’t until the final moments of the Season 6 finale that the extent of Jack’s (Grey Damon) injuries was revealed: He’d hit his head during the ballroom floor’s initial collapse, then collapsed himself. Is he going to become the latest firefighter to die on the drama?