In Honor of ‘Suits’: TV’s Best Bromances

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Suits - Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams
Ian Watson/USA Network
Scrubs - Zach Braff and Donald Faison

J.D. and Turk – Scrubs

This pair was true friendship goals. They were never afraid to get real with each other, and always affectionately exchanged nicknames like “Chocolate” and “Vanilla Bear.” Throughout nine seasons of the show, they wore matching cereal box rings, finished each other’s sentences, and sang about their guy love. “Dude, we’re a little married,” Turk tells J.D. in one episode. “I know, I love it,” he eagerly replies. The best part is, the actors (Donald Faison and Zach Braff) are BFFs in real life.

Community - Donald Glover, Danny Pudi
Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Troy and Abed – Community

Their handshakes were legendary, and their talk show was imaginary. Troy and Abed represented the kind of friendship we had as kids, but could never sustain into adulthood. The zany pair indulged in all sorts of hijinks as they built legendary pillow forts, frolicked in their “dreamatorim,” and rapped in Spanish. The bromance was so good, no episode of Community could end without featuring a little skit of the Greendale pals having the time of their lives.

The Voice - Blake Shelton, Adam Levine
Trae Patton/NBC

Blake and Adam – The Voice

This bromance between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine is awesome, because it’s actually real. The Voice judges love to poke fun at each other, but we know it comes from a place of love. Besides, they always hug it out after their verbal beatdowns. The unlikely friendship between the country crooner and pop singer blossomed on the show, but has since transcended the small screen. Shelton has already admitted to harboring a man crush on Levine.

Friends - Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry
Warner Bros

Chandler and Joey – Friends

We loved the entire Friends gang, but Chandler and Joey were the best pair by far. The duo was the perfect blend of sarcasm and enthusiasm. They co-parented their chick and duck, wore bracelet buddies, and were always busting a move. Chandler even forgave Joey when he was gullible enough to get them robbed and they had to purchase that unfortunate canoe.

The O.C. - Benjamin McKenzie, Adam Brody

Class Tough Guy Ryan Atwood (Ben McKenzie, The O.C.)
Maybe it’s because he’s from Chino, maybe it’s the way he works a wifebeater. Whatever it is, this thug with a heart of gold is so the guy you want in your corner when the fists start flying. We even heard a rumor that he was involved in the underground cage-fighting scene, but that just sounds like a crazy TV storyline.

Boy Meets World – Rider Strong and Ben Savage as Shawn and Cory
ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Shawn and Cory – Boy Meets World

The amount of GIFs that exist for this duo on the internet further cements their best bromance status. Shawn was Cory’s favorite person in the world, and everyone knew it, including Cory’s own wife Topanga (she was cool with it). They did everything together, from eating breakfast in bed to imagining themselves growing old. We all hoped the friendship would persist forever, and our wishes were rewarded when we saw their enduring relationship on the show’s spinoff Girl Meets World.

New Girl - Jake Johnson and Max Greenfield
Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Nick and Schmidt –
New Girl

Friends since they were college roomies, the pair celebrated their tin-versary in style. The guys of the ongoing quirky show are not only best buds, but co-owners of a bar, and the brilliant designers of the ‘swuit.’ The loft-mates of 4d are a match made in heaven, with Schmidt being the perfectly polished antidote to Nick’s curmudgeon personality.

White Collar - Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay
David Giesbrecht/USA Network

Neal and Peter – White Collar

Last but not least, we have the diligent FBI agent and his brilliant criminal consultant. The crime-solving duo made a great team, always putting away the bad guys. Though they shared a complicated relationship, with Peter always trying to keep Neal in check, they ultimately always trusted each other.

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A great bromance is hard to come by on TV these days: It requires two friends to set aside their male bravado and express their purely platonic love for each other.

One of the most solid bromances on television right now is the one between Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) on USA’s Suits. The show may be a legal drama about a college dropout working for a top law firm, but at its core it is a tale of true friendship. Harvey and Mike scheme at work together, swap movie quotes, and maintain a fierce loyalty to each other. Season 6 showed Harvey fighting tooth and nail to get Mike out of prison, and then work doubly as hard to get him instated as a legit lawyer. The friendship is so popular it even inspires fan fiction, the way all great bromances often tend to do.

Season 7 of Suits premieres July 12 on USA Network, and in honor of the show’s epic bromance we’d like to pay tribute to other good old-fashioned TV bromances.