8 TV-Related Activities to Do at Home Right Now

Jeopardy Making It American Idol

The days of staying at home can get a little slow if you’re looking for something to do, but luckily, there are quite a few TV-related activities to occupy your time.

Ranging from games and challenges to cooking and crafts, there’s more than enough options to satisfy various tastes. We’re rounding up a few activities related to beloved TV shows such as Jeopardy!, Making It, American Idol, LEGO Masters and much more.

If you’re looking for something to do, we’ve got you covered — don’t miss out on the activity possibilities below.

Making It - Season 2 - Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman
Evans Vestal Ward/NBC

Get Crafty

NBC’s Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman-hosted competition series Making It sees professional crafters go head-to-head, but the hosts and former contestants are giving fans a fun opportunity from their homes. Through video chat, Poehler and Offerman are teaming up with Making It fan favorites to present viewers with challenges to complete at home. These challenges are posted on the show’s social media channels as well as NBC’s YouTube channel.

Jeopardy Alex Trebek
CBS Television Distribution

Test Your Trivia

Jeopardy! has always been a comfort, so why not extend that in the ongoing social distancing era? While there’s game board versions of the show available for purchase, you can always take the cheap route and make up your own facts requiring question-formatted answers. An alternative option is keeping tally of who answers the most questions accurately each episode and rewarding the champ at the end of each week with a prize of your choosing.

Nailed It Netflix Season 4

Test Your Cooking Skills

Whether you’re into Nailed It‘s less-than-stellar bakes or The Great British Baking Show‘s refined style, a fun activity could be cooking up wacky recipes in the kitchen. Put yourself to the test by taking on a recipe and setting yourself a time limit. Go up against family members or work together — the possibilities are endless.

Parks and recreation Cones of Dunshire

Make Up Your Own Game

If there’s no game tickling your fancy, perhaps getting creative and making up your own is the best option. Some examples may include the structured game created by Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) in Parks and Recreation known as Cones of Dunshire, and New Girl‘s bizarre activity known as True American.

LEGO Masters Season 1
Ray Mickshaw/FOX

Get Creative with LEGO

LEGO Masters gave viewers a peek at what they can accomplish with some prompts, a little imagination and those beloved plastic building blocks. Let your creativity take control in your own LEGO Master challenges at home going as big or small as you want.

American Idol - Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, Luke Bryan
ABC/Scott Patrick Green

Take the Spotlight

American Idol may be cutting its season short, but its live shows broadcast from contestants homes prove you don’t need a stage to take the spotlight. Put on your own singing competition in your living room, take a chance to dress up and have fun, and if you have a karaoke machine, that could jazz up the performances even more.

The Misery Index

Measure Misery

In TBS’s Misery Index, Jameela Jamil and the men of Impractical Jokers help contestants place miserable moments of others on an scale known as “The Misery Index.” If cringe-inducing situations make you chuckle, perhaps take a look at S**t Happens, the card game from which the show is based. It’s available on Amazon for $12.99.

Property Brothers Drew jonathan Scott HGTV

Home Renovation

While craft stores may be closed and trips to Home Depot or Lowes are restricted to essential visits only, now’s a great time to take a cue from the faces at HGTV like Property Brothers‘ Drew and Jonathan Scott. Simple fixes and improvements are possible, and if getting crafty is your thing, now’s a good chance to take on projects you’d been avoiding.