Meet Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ Season 4 Cast (PHOTOS)

Too Hot to Handle Season 4 cast

Winter might be upon us, but Netflix is keeping things hot and steamy with a brand new season of Too Hot to Handle, the reality dating show that sees 10 singles looking for love in a tropical getaway.

The new cast, which the streamer revealed today, Tuesday, November 22, includes contestants from around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Netherlands. These 10 romantic hopefuls will be hoping to walk away with the $100,000 prize while avoiding temptation.

As always, the rules of Too Hot to Handle are no touching, kissing, or sexual activity of any kind. If anyone breaks these rules, cash will be removed from the overall prize pot.

Get to know this season’s lineup ahead of the Season 4 premiere on Wednesday, December 7.

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Brittan on Too Hot to Handle Season 4


22, Hawaii, USA, Model


Born and raised in Hawaii, Brittan is sun-kissed all year round and can’t wait for her stay at the retreat surrounded by gorgeous singles and sunshine! A true daddy’s girl at heart, Brittan thinks she has men all figured out and can’t wait to strut into the retreat full of confidence knowing she will get exactly what she wants. Lana knows better than to be fooled by Brittan’s angelic smile, right?

Creed on Too Hot to Handle


24, Perth, Australia, Entrepreneur


Creed is anything but a typical bad boy. He is used to walking into a party and having all eyes on him, so during his stay at the retreat he will be expecting similar treatment. He’s used to dating, DMing and ditching a plethora of girls without being held to account, so how will he survive living under Lana’s roof?

Dominique on Too Hot to Handle


23, Colorado, USA, Student


This computer science student takes brains and beauty to a whole new level. When she’s not reading tarot cards for friends and family, she’s manifesting her next love interest. Despite this, Lana is definitely not who she envisioned meeting in the not-too-distant future! Dominique is always ready for new adventures, but without her gems and stones to aid her, how far can she push herself?

James on Too Hot to Handle


23, Hawaii, USA, Student and PT


Party-loving, funny and irresistibly charming basketball player, James takes full advantage of his single status as he parties it up in Hawaii. Due to his athletic talent and dangerously hot looks, he certainly scores both on and off the basketball court. James is used to playing by the rules when it comes to sport, but how will he adapt to the retreat’s regulations once Lana appears?

Jawahir on Too Hot to Handle


22, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Model


Jawahir can’t wait to take the retreat by storm – the retreat will be her catwalk, and she’s sure to wow her fellow cast. Having only had one relationship, Jawahir isn’t used to having her advances curtailed by anyone! Can Lana teach Jawa to be open to love or will the bad boys be too tempting?

Kayla on Too Hot to Handle


22, Los Angeles, USA, Model


You know that best friend you have that everyone fancies? Your brother… your cousin… all your friends – chances are they’d definitely shoot their shot with Kayla too! Beyond beautiful inside and out, she’s never short of attention and will have no issue treading on toes if she fancies someone. Kayla will feel like a kid in a candy store when she enters the retreat, but Lana will be desperate to show her the error of her ways.

Nick on Too Hot to Handle


28, Michigan, USA, Artist


From a small town in Michigan, this spiritual sensation always knew he was destined for more. He’s travelled around the globe to the Philippines, Australia and Mexico to name a few – dating girls in every country he visits. Having been in 10 (or more) relationships, Nick is no stranger to love and lust, but can Lana help this yogi find the deep connection his flings never provide?

Nigel on Too Hot to Handle


29, New Jersey, USA, Entrepreneur and Model


The ultimate smooth talker is sure to win over everyone with his charm, epic one-liners and magnetic aura. Nigel’s lives by the motto “keep the fun rolling” and he’s sure to be the tonic the retreat needs when Lana sets the tone for retreat life. With all play and no work, how will this businessman survive when a cone-shaped boss is in charge?

Seb on Too Hot to Handle


24, Glasgow, UK, Racing Driver


Seb lives life in the fast lane and is used to giving girls the boot the morning after the night before. His piercing blue eyes and butter wouldn’t melt babyface have helped him make it this far, but Lana is sure to see right through this! As a yes man who never says no to anything in life or in the bedroom, Seb will struggle to stick to Lana’s rules. Can he find the right girl to help him along the way?

Sophie on Too Hot to Handle


22, Brighton, UK, Event Manager


Stunning Sophie has had one long-term relationship that put her off committing to anyone else. Once she had a taste for the freedom that casual hook-ups bring, she hasn’t come up for air! Sophie’s standards are as high as the Shard and she knows exactly what she wants! If someone isn’t up for the challenge, she’ll be onto the next. Will Lana be able to keep up?