'This Is Us' Super Bowl Episode: The Pearsons Cope With Jack's Death (PHOTOS)

Jessica Napoli

Ever since January 23's This Is Us finally revealed patriarch Jack Pearson's cause of death, fans have been waiting with baited breath for the show to return and provide more answers.

We've been promised that the post-Super Bowl 2018 episode will deal with the two-season-long mystery that began when Kate (Chrissy Metz) first said she watches football with her father's ashes.

Last week, we watched as the Pearson house caught on fire from a faulty crock-pot. And in previews, we see Jack, Kate, Randall, and Rebecca struggling to get out—all while Kevin is sleeping at his girlfriend's house. Now, have another hint at what's to come in this fateful episode via new episode photos. Click through the gallery above!

This Is Us, Sunday, February 4, directly following the Super Bowl, NBC

'This Is Us': What Sparked Jack's Death Is Finally Revealed (RECAP)

'This Is Us': What Sparked Jack's Death Is Finally Revealed (RECAP)

Now we have answers and they're as heartbreaking as we feared.