9 Questions We Have for ‘The Politician’ Season 2 (PHOTOS)

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Will Payton continue to see River?

After River’s suicide in the first episode, Payton continued to see him throughout the season, through his time in New York following the time jump. Will he continue to ride passenger in Payton’s life moving forward?

The Politician Dede campaign

Will Dede join Sam Jaeger’s ticket for his character’s presidential run?

Could Payton entering the New York race change her mind? If she doesn’t and moves forward with the bid, how will the two campaigns (presidential and Senate) clash?

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Will Payton achieve his dream and become president?

It’s all we heard about from the beginning of the first season. While there would have to be a much more substantial time jump than one or three years at the end of Season 2 to see if that comes true, we could maybe receive at least a hint or see if he’s on the right track by the finale.


Are Payton and Alice back together?

He tried to get her back and stop her wedding, but she was still going to go through with it — until McAfee called her. She ended up telling her fiancé they had to “put [the wedding] on hold” just as it was about to begin.

When Payton saw her in his dorm room in her dress, she told him her running out on her wedding was a “separate conversation” and he was “excited about the prospect of [them] maybe starting fresh.” Later, when he announced his bid for senate, she was by his side. It was implied they were together, but what exactly does the future hold for them? After all, we’ve seen them project a certain image for a campaign before.


Will everyone be able to work together on Payton’s campaign?

To say that those working on his campaign have had past conflicts is an understatement. For instance, Astrid was Payton’s opponent, as was Skye before becoming his running mate. And speaking of Skye …


Should Payton have Skye on his team?

Skye did try to kill Payton in high school. They do patch things up off-screen at some point in the three years we didn’t see, but who’s to say that won’t happen again?

The Politician Dede relationship

Will Payton use Dede’s throuple secret against her?

Astrid learned about Dede’s relationship when she was catering a fundraiser. We saw how far Payton was willing to go in a high school election. Will he revert to his old ways for this one, too?

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Will Payton beat Dede Standish in the election?

Dede had stopped campaigning because she kept running unopposed and the office was hers. But now Payton has announced himself as her opponent, and while he’s a new face to pretty much everyone except his friends and enemies from high school, we have to imagine that the second season will see him having a real shot at a win.

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Who will return for Season 2?

We can assume that anyone linked to either campaign storyline in the finale will return, but actors whose characters were not seen or were arrested are up in the air, like Jessica Lange, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Dylan McDermott.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 of The Politician.]

The first season of Ryan Murphy’s Netflix series, The Politician, was very binge-able and set up what should be quite an entertaining Season 2.

The first eight episodes of the series followed Payton’s (Ben Platt) run for student body president in his high school and jumped forward three years in the finale to his next campaign: for a Senate seat.

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