6 Mysteries We Need Solved After ‘The InBetween’ Finale (PHOTOS)

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The InBetween - Season 1
Sergei Bachlakov/NBC
The InBetween Ed Roven

Is Ed Roven really gone?

It looks like he is. His victims banded together to take him down once and for all, meaning he’s no longer a threat to Cassie … or is he? As we saw, especially in recent episodes, he was able to whisper into people’s ears, and it’s possible there’s someone else out there he’s been speaking to who might be trouble for Cassie.

The InBetween Brian

Is Brian okay?

Though Cassie was worried about a vision she saw of Brian, he made it through his surgery (though his heart did stop for a moment). The doctor said the procedure was a success, but should we be worried that he may not truly be out of the woods yet?

The InBetween vision

Who did Cassie see at the end?

While the family was gathered in Brian’s hospital room, she had one of her visions and saw the man above in the mirror in Brian’s bed. “You must be Cassie. You look just like your mother,” he said to her.

The InBetween man

Is this man the next Ed Roven?

Is the finale setting him up to be the next season-long problem Cassie must deal with from the InBetween? Or could he be part of something bigger?

The InBetween Brian vision

Is that man’s placement a sign we should be worried about Brian?

After all, Brian’s heart did stop for a moment. Who’s to say where he might have gone or what might have happened to him in that time?

The InBetween Cassie mother

Will Cassie ever see her mother?

She thought she did at the beginning of the finale, but following that vision only led her to Ed Roven. However, it turned out that her mother did help her in the fight against Roven and was the one to help Abigail track down his victims. But now that the man Cassie saw at the end of the finale apparently knows her mother, it seems to be setting up a family reunion of sorts.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for the Season 1 finale of The InBetween, “Monsters and Angels.”]

One enemy down … an entire InBetween worth to go?

Cassie (Harriet Dyer) faced off against Ed Roven, seemingly for the last time, and she had help from his previous victims — and from someone she knew. Plus, Brian’s (Michael B. Silver) surgery was a success, though the final moments have us worried about what might come next — for him, Cassie, and Tom (Paul Blackthorne).

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NBC has yet to announce if The InBetween will be back for a second season, but after that cliffhanger, we’ve compiled the questions we need answered in the gallery above.