6 Questions We Need ‘The Code’ to Answer Before the End of Season 1 (PHOTOS)

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Blowed Up
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1st Civ Div
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Will Abe and Alex’s relationship last?

What we know: He’s dating his best friend’s widow, and he was the prosecutor at Jason’s murder trial. Alex (Justine Cotsonas) is suing the Marine Corps for her husband’s murder, and Abe is the star witness. And Abe discovered he was right to think he was being followed in Episode 9.

Alex’s lawyer wanted proof that his suspicions that something was going on between them were correct, and he got it. The case will be compromised, and they’ll both be dragged through the mud. “If we keep doing this, he’s going to drop me as a client,” Alex told Abe.

What we need to find out: Is this the beginning of the end of Abe and Alex as a couple? It’s a complicated and delicate situation, but Trey told Abe that the relationship isn’t necessarily doomed. He knew someone who lost his best friend and married his widow and raised their kids. “They are the happiest family I have ever seen,” he said.

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Can Maya’s brother truly control his delusional disorder?

What we know: Maya discovered that Matt (Aaron Tveit) was taking cold medicine, not his meds as he’d claimed to be, and wasn’t sure it was a good idea for him to run for the state senate. He explained that he still thought people were monitoring him while on them and his psychiatrist decided to switch to cognitive behavioral therapy.

He had it under control, he insisted, and his campaign has even started going well. He did well at his latest debate, so much so that he attracted the attention of the national party — and they especially liked the picture of the siblings as “service and progress” hand in hand.

What we need to find out: As Maya pointed out, CBT works best when it’s paired with meds. And in the July 15 episode, “Don and Doff,” she “is concerned that her brother does not have his mental illness under control,” the logline teases. Should we be worried about what’s coming up with Matt?

Back on the Block
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Will it be smooth sailing for Trey and his wife now that they’re pregnant?

What we know: It wasn’t easy, but at the end of Episode 8, “Lioness,” Trey found out he and his wife are having a baby. Abe even left prenatal vitamins in Trey’s office in “Smoke-Pit.”

What we need to find out: We can’t help but worry that something will go wrong, especially given how much time has been spent on Trey and Nona (De’Adre Aziza) trying to get pregnant (including Trey’s conversations with pretty much anyone on the matter). We just hope this doesn’t lead to a season-ending cliffhanger in which he gets a call that she’s been rushed to the hospital due to some complication.

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Will Harper and Bard get married?

What we know: Harper realized that she didn’t want all the “stuff” that goes along with getting married (dinners and parties) and suggested to Bard (Alexander Koch) that they just elope. He agreed, but once he was in his tux and she was in her dress, he admitted that he did want all of that. “Where does that leave us?” He asked.

What we need to find out: Is this the beginning of the end of their relationship, or will they be able to figure out some sort of compromise since they do both want to be married to the other person? “I’m extremely into the idea of being your wife, and I can’t wait to marry you,” she told him.

Secret Squirrel
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Will we see more of Glenn’s son’s rehab?

What we know: After Adam (Derek Klena) lost his leg, he started physical therapy in “Lioness.” “The fog’s lifting,” his physical therapist told Glenn. “He’s gonna fight.”

What we need to find out: We watched as Glenn worried about what happened to her son when he was MIA, and we saw her rush to his side once he was found. We also saw him struggling with PT in the aftermath of losing his leg. We know her husband, Asa (Cotter Smith), is in the July 8 episode, “Secret Squirrel,” and Adam is back in “Don and Doff,” so what will we see next for the Turnbull family?

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Will Rami be reassigned to the office?

What we know: In Episode 6, “1st Civ Div,” Rami couldn’t stand by and take his citizenship test after witnessing a protest of people here through MAVNI to whom the military had broken promises and whose families were facing deportation. After he stood with them, however, he was given new orders: a transfer to the United States Corps Training and Education Command.

What we need to find out: According to the logline for “Secret Squirrel,” “Trey and Maya attempt to get Rami assigned back to their office.” We can only hope it works, since the office hasn’t been the same without him. Plus, we do miss his and Abe’s morning chats.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for Season 1, Episode 9 of The Code, “Smoke-Pit.”]

The Code returned Monday after about a month without new episodes and immediately delved right back into the lawyers’ personal lives.

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