‘Ted Lasso’: 6 Burning Questions We Need Answered in Season 3

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Ted Lasso Season 2.]

Ted Lasso‘s second season has wrapped and there are a few lingering questions yet to be answered following the final moments.

From severed ties to rocky relationships, there’s plenty to think  about in the lead-up to Season 3. Below, we’re breaking down some of the biggest questions we’d like to see answered when the show finally returns to Apple TV+.

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Ted Lasso Season 2 - Nick Mohammed as Nate Shelley
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Will Ted and Nate Ever Be Friends Again?

It’s difficult to rein in our negative feelings towards Nate Shelley (Nick Mohammed) who ended the season on a sour note. After taking issue with Ted’s (Jason Sudeikis) handling of the team and their friendship throughout the season, he cusses the A.F.C. Richmond coach out before the final moments of their pivotal match. Once the game ended, Ted returned to the office to find his “Believe” sign torn in half on his desk, courtesy of Nate. And a flash-forward in time reveals that the former water boy-turned coach is now working for Rebecca’s (Hannah Waddingham) ex, Rupert (Anthony Head), and his new team, West Ham. It’s a turn none of us could have predicted when starting Season 2, so can the former friendship be fixed or is it broken beyond repair?

Toheeb Jimoh as Sam in Ted Lasso Season 2
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Are Sam and Rebecca Still a Thing?

Sam (Toheeb Jimoh) decided to stay with A.F.C. Richmond despite Edwin Akufo’s (Sam Richardson) tempting offer to start a team in Africa. When he goes to Rebecca’s office to share the news though, Ted is there, leading the player to speak in code. He reveals that he’s staying for himself and not anyone else. Does that mean he’s not going to see Rebecca outside of work anymore? Or was it a reassurance that he made the decision without her influencing it? We need answers.

Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple as Roy and Keeley in Ted Lasso Season 2
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Can Roy and Keeley Last?

A definite power couple, Roy (Brett Goldstein) and Keeley’s (Juno Temple) relationship was left teetering on the edge of possible heartbreak. Despite clearly caring for one another, the finale revealed Keeley’s focus on work is outweighing her desire to spend time with Roy as she declined tickets for a couple’s getaway he was hoping to surprise her with. At first Roy questions if this means they’re breaking up but she reassures him they’re not and tells him she’ll see him after he takes the trip he planned for them. The lingering doubt definitely has us worried. Hopefully, Season 3 will unveil a hopeful answer in regards to their relationship, but could time apart be the best thing for them at this point?

Ted Lasso - Season 2 - Jason Sudeikis and Sarah Niles
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Have We Seen the Last of Doctor Sharon?

Ted and the team’s psychologist Dr. Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles) built up a decent bond towards the second half of the season and he received a reassuring message from her after the story about his panic attack broke. No longer working for A.F.C. Richmond, will they remain connected in the future? We hope so.

Ted Lasso Season 2 Trent Crimm James Lance
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Could There Be a Future for Trent Crimm at A.F.C. Richmond?

Trent Crimm (James Lance) was released from his position at The Independent after his employers learned he’d shared his source for the panic attack story with Ted. Despite his career as a journalist, could there be room for him at A.F.C. Richmond? The show wouldn’t feel the same without him and it’s clear he has a soft spot for the team’s coach. Perhaps there’s some job he could fill there? Either way, we’d like to see what’s next for the writer.

Ted Lasso Season 2 Jason Sudeikis
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Will Season 3 Set Up a Major Match Between A.F.C. Richmond and West Ham?

Considering the rivalry between Rebecca and Rupert, it only makes sense that their teams should be rivals as well. The next time Ted and Nate meet, will it be on the football pitch? It seems like a strong possibility. The bigger question though is, who will win? Let’s just say we’re rooting for the Greyhounds.