‘Solos’ Creator Teases a ‘Beautiful Story’ of Connection — Get a First Look at the All-Star Cast (PHOTOS)

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Searching for a thought-provoking and emotional new series to dig into? Look no further than Amazon Prime Video’s Solos. “I think it’s wonderful for people to go in blind to the show,” says series creator David Weil, who also helms the streamer’s Nazi-hunting hit Hunters. The seven-part anthology exploring what it means to be human is set for a May 21 premiere on the streamer and features a talented cast of performers.

“Each piece centers around an incredible actor,” teases Weil, “who will be at the helm of the episode, guiding [viewers] through this beautiful story.” When it comes to knowing the finer details prior to the premiere, Weil says, “I think less is more with this piece.” It’s true, the less you know, the better when it comes to this quirky and heartbreaking series that’s set in the present and future.

Uzo Aduba, Nicole Beharie, Morgan Freeman, Anne Hathaway, Anthony Mackie, Helen Mirren, Dan Stevens, and Constance Wu feature in these episodes which focus primarily on one character at a time.

“I always wanted to tell these long-form monologues. I wanted to tell stories the way that I first heard stories and fell in love with them, which was one individual telling a singular story in one environment,” Weil explains of the show’s inspiration. “Whether that was my brother telling ghost stories around a campfire or my grandmother telling me her experiences of the war around a bowl of chicken soup at her kitchen table, I so long sought to express and create stories like that.”

That feeling of connection carries through the episodes as Weil’s primary aim was to “allow the viewer to feel like the person onscreen is speaking just to them.” The past year of social distancing from his siblings and parents definitely had some influence over that threat of human connection being shared in each installment. “It’s about familial relationships; it’s about hopes, dreams, desires, loneliness, and solitude.”

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Weil had fun creating those strings for the series as he reveals that “these short stories are each centered around a very unique individual, all set a few minutes in the future. And there are some pronounced and some more subtle connections between these characters that I think will be fun for an audience to discover along the way.”

Until Solos premieres in May, details will remain mum, but for now, we have your exclusive first look at the cast in some gallery images, below. Scroll through to see which stars are playing who in this sneak peek and stay tuned for the arrival of Solos on Amazon.

Solos, Series Premiere, Friday, May 21, Amazon Prime Video

Solos - Anne Hathaway
Jason LaVeris/Amazon

Anne Hathaway as Leah

Anthony Mackie in Solos on Amazon
Jason LaVeris/Amazon

Anthony Mackie as Tom

Solos - Helen Mirren
Jason LaVeris/Amazon

Helen Mirren as Peg

Constance Wu as Jenny in Solos
Jason LaVeris/Amazon

Constance Wu as Jenny

nicole beharie amazon solos
Jason LaVeris/Amazon

Nicole Beharie as Nera

Dan Stevens as Otto in Solos
Jason LaVeris/Amazon

Dan Stevens as Otto

Morgan Freeman Solos Amazon
Jason LaVeris/Amazon

Morgan Freeman as Stuart

Uzo Aduba as Sasha in Solos
Jason LaVeris/Amazon

Uzo Aduba as Sasha