6 Reasons ‘Sanditon’ Deserves a Season 2 (PHOTOS)

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Sanditon Season 1
PBS Masterpiece
Sanditon Season 1 Charlotte Sidney
PBS Masterpiece

Charlotte and Sidney’s Unsatisfactory Ending

At the beginning of the finale, there appears to be a clear path to happiness for our heroine as a marriage proposal from Sidney (Theo James) to Charlotte (Rose Williams) seems imminent. But when disaster strikes as a fire rips through Sanditon, all hopes are dashed. Sidney becomes engaged to his former love Eliza Campion (James’ real-life wife, Ruth Kearney) in an attempt to secure financial means to support the rebuild of the resort town. To say Charlotte is devastated would be an understatement, and even though Sidney claims he doesn’t love Eliza, it doesn’t make the news hurt less.

Sanditon Stringer Charlotte Season 1
PBS Masterpiece

Mr. Stringer’s Next Move

Poor Mr. Stringer (Leo Suter) went through the wringer in the Season 1 finale as his father Old Stringer (Rob Jarvis) suffered a heart attack and inadvertently started the fire, burning down much of Sanditon. Losing his father was tough enough, but knowing that Charlotte’s affections were with Sidney was another big pill to swallow. He claims he’s going to stay in the town to rebuild and honor his father, but it would be nice to see the kind-hearted man have a win for once.

Miss Lambe Sanditon
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Miss Lambe in Limbo

Sidney’s ward, Miss Lambe (Crystal Clarke) didn’t get much of a send-off in this episode as she briefly appeared to chide the man for engaging with Charlotte as she didn’t want her friend to be hurt. Viewers witnessed her intense bond with Otis (Jyuddah Jaymes) who parted ways with her before season’s end, but considering her large dowry, it would be interesting to see her matched with a suitor or find happiness.

Sanditon Season 1 Tom Parker
PBS Masterpiece

Tom in Hot Water

Although Tom Parker’s (Kris Marshall) siblings and wife agree to help him rebuild and recover Sanditon to its pre-fire glory, will their efforts be enough? Throughout the season, viewers saw the man make huge gambles with his funds for the town and following the horrible fire that burned much of the progress that had been made, his lack of insurance may have put him in an irreparable position. Can he make it out of the hole he’s dug?

Sanditon Season 1 Babington Esther
PBS Masterpiece

The Babingtons

There was a wedding in the end, and although it may not have been for Sidney and Charlotte, it was no less joyful. Esther (Charlotte Spencer) finally gave into Lord Babington’s (Mark Stanley) repeated marriage proposals and the pair actually seemed relatively happy together. Despite learning about her former relationship with step-brother Edward (Jack Fox), Babington accepted Esther who had previously been dismissive of him. Perhaps a second season could offer even more happy moments between the pair?

Sanditon Season 1 Charlotte Heywood
PBS Masterpiece

Going Home

Charlotte decided to depart Sanditon for her family farm in the English countryside, which takes her out of the action on the coast. Perhaps with a second season, we could see more characters from Sanditon infiltrate her life back home, providing a bit more drama with her parents and siblings present.

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[Warning: This gallery contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1 of Sanditon.]

The first season of Sandtion concluded its run on PBS Sunday, February 23 and left viewers with plenty to consider long after the final credits.

Based on Jane Austen’s unfinished novel of the same name, Sanditon didn’t have an ending like most of the author’s other works, as the romantic leads didn’t end the finale with a happily ever after. Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) and Sidney Parker (Theo James) were like the Elizabeth and Darcy of Sanditon, indifferent at first but smitten by the end, but circumstance tore them apart in the final episode.

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To say fans are unsatisfied with this being the end would be an understatement. Due to that and various other unfinished storylines, Sanditon could certainly use a second season. And though it hasn’t been renewed at ITV in the UK, there’s still a possibility it could receive a renewal in the United States — only time will tell.

In the gallery above, we’re breaking down some of the reasons why Sanditon deserves a second season. Let us know in the comments what you thought about the finale and whether the show should be renewed or not.

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