11 Questions ‘Doctor Who’ Still Needs to Answer (PHOTOS)

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Doctor Who
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A Who World of Wonder

You can probably guess from the title, but nearly every season British sci-fi series Doctor Who leaves fans with a lot of unanswered questions. There are the little ones: Why did the Doctors Ten (David Tennant) and Eleven (Matt Smith) want to be ginger so badly? There are big ones: Is there really no way the Doctor (currently played by Peter Capaldi) can see his best friends Amy (Karen Gillen) and Rory Pond (Arthur Darvill) again? And there are some that even date back to the show’s premiere over 50 years ago: What is the Doctor’s real name? In short, “Doctor who?” So, as season nine comes to a close, we’ve compiled a list of the 11 questions we’d love to see answered in the near future. —With additional reporting by Sherry Huang and Nivea Serrao
Doctor Who - War Doctor

Is the First Doctor really the first Doctor?

It used to be that the Doctor could only regenerate 12 times. But now we know that the Time Lords can actually hand out regenerations willy-nilly. And that the Doctor has had incarnations we didn’t know about (like the War Doctor). So who is to say that the William Hartnell’s First Doctor was actually the first doctor and not part of a line that started before him?
Doctor Who - Clara

What in the world (or universe) is the Doctor’s real name?

River Song (Alex Kingston) knows it, and the Doctor’s companion Clara (Jenna Coleman) knows it...or, knew it at one point. But fans have yet to hear the Time Lord's real Gallifreyan moniker. The show's done well with teasing viewers and having the name "whispered" out of earshot. But, after all these years (or nine seasons, if you start counting from the reboot with Christopher Eccleston), maybe it's, well, time for the big reveal. Could it really be Basil, as the Twelfth Doctor recently claimed? Hopefully, it isn't anything as ordinary as John or as far-out as Pilot Inspektor. But, maybe anything is better than Mildred, as current showrunner Steve Moffat claims it is.
Doctor Who - Missy - Michelle Gomez

What was Missy’s “clever idea”?

The Doctor’s greatest foe, oldest friend, and fellow Time Lord Missy (Michelle Gomez) has made a habit out of cheating death—whether using her wits or her Vortex manipulator. But she looked pretty screwed when she was swarmed by Daleks at the end of this season’s second episode, “The Witches Familiar.” The last thing we heard her say: “I’ve just had a very clever idea.” So what was it?

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Doctor Who Xmas 2015
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What was the Doctor and River Song's wedding like?

Or the first time they met? Obviously River knows more about the Doctor than he knows about her (depending on which version of him it is), but it would be fun to see if the quirky couple planned an elaborate ceremony together (with some unusual guests in attendance) or if they eloped Vegas style. Better yet, it would be funny to see the Doctor and River on a honeymoon, fraying on each other's nerves.
Doctor Who - Elizabeth I

And speaking of marriage, who else is the Doctor’s wife?

Ten wed Queen Elizabeth I (Joanna Page). Eleven accidentally got hitched to Marilyn Monroe…though he denies the nuptials were legitimate. Which leads one to wonder: with the Doctor traveling through all of space and time and having been supposedly married four times (per Clara), who else has been his wife? He’s certainly been a hit with the ladies, with almost all his female companions having crushed on versions of him (most notably Rose, Martha and Clara). And, he even caught the eye of one Queen Nefertiti (see "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship")!

Will we ever see the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny, again?

It’s been seasons since we’ve seen the Doctor’s auto-generated adult daughter, Jenny (Georgia Moffett). And while we’re aware that showrunner Moffat has hypothesized that Jenny flew into the moon and died (unlike her father, she can’t just grow another body), that doesn’t mean the Doctor can’t meet her again in another time or space. Earlier this summer, photos leaked of Moffett on the Doctor Who set—so this could happen sooner rather than later! (Plus, fun fact: in real life, Moffett is the daughter of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison and wife of Tenth Doctor David Tennant.)
Doctor Who - Y scar

Are the "Y" markings seen by two Doctors connected?

Very similar "Y"-shaped scars are seen by the Ninth Doctor in "The Empty Child" (as markings on various victims) and again in "The Doctor's Daughter" (as a result of the DNA extrapolation device). Could they be related or one and the same? It's quite possible the progenation device that created Jenny could be Chula in origin, considering how quickly her "birth" happened, connected with how rapidly Jamie and the rest of the infected people were healed by nanogenes in "The Doctor Dances."
Doctor Who - Orson Pink

Who the heck is Orson Pink?

Admit it. We all assumed that time traveler Orson (Samuel Anderson) was a descendant of the Doctor’s companion Clara and boyfriend Danny Pink (also played by Anderson). Orson and Danny look exactly alike. They have the same last name. And Orson claims his great grandparents were also Time Travelers. But here’s the thing: Danny really didn’t have any adventures through time and space in the TARDIS with Clara and Orson. And he died without having children (that we know off). Showrunner Moffat says the answer is simple: Orson is from another branch on the Pink tree. But which one? And who were these time traveling grandparents of his?
Doctor Who - Reapers

Where are the Reapers?

The dragon-like creatures search out—and eat—disturbances in time. Basically all the Doctor does is poke holes in the time/space continuum. Yet, the Reapers haven’t been seen since season 1. No one is that bad at their jobs.
Doctor Who - Face of Boe

Is Captain Jack the Face of Boe?

We get it. The doctor’s bodiless buddy, The Face of Boe, is most likely also his sometimes-companion Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman). Jack did say his childhood nickname was “The Face of Boe.” And Moffat has basically confirmed they are one in the same. But how did that come to happen? And where in the multiple universes is the rest of Jack’s body?
Doctor Who - Skaros Chair

How did the Daleks get a chair on Skaros?

Seriously, you don’t introduce a detail like that in the Season 9 premiere and leave us hanging.
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