Meet the 'Press Your Luck' Whammys New & Old (PHOTOS)

Meaghan Darwish

ABC is bringing Press Your Luck back to the game show scene and along with it comes the show's classic troublemaking Whammys.

Those little red guys have been part of the show since it debuted in the '80s, but now the characters are getting some highly appropriate pop culture updates while also retaining some classic looks. TV Insider has your exclusive first look at 15 of the 37 Whammys that will be part of the ABC revival in the gallery above.

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3 Major Changes in ABC's 'Press Your Luck' Reboot

But don't worry, those pesky Whammys will be back.

Among some the highlights are devilishly good Game of ThronesBachelor and Oprah inspired Whammys. And while the show's "No Whammys" and "Big Bucks" taglines are the mainstay of Press Your Luck, would it be all that bad to see these little guys on the Big Board?

Click through the images for a look at the Whammys new and old that are set to appear in ABC's revival and don't miss the others when Press Your Luck premieres June 11.

Press Your LuckTuesday, June 11, 10/9c, ABC; Time slot premiere: Wednesday, June 12, 8/7c, ABC