Where You’ve Seen Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match’ Cast Before

Cast members of Netflix's 'Perfect Match' Season 1

Netflix reality stars come together for the streamer’s newest reality dating show Perfect Match. The series drops its first batch of episodes on Valentine’s Day, bringing together the most “famously single” stars of Netflix’s unscripted series — such as Love Is BlindThe UltimatumToo Hot to HandleThe Mole, and more — to a tropical paradise in an attempt to find love. Among the cast of familiar faces are people like Bartise Bowden from Love Is Blind: After the Altar.

As they compete to form relationships, the most compatible couples will play matchmaker, breaking up other couples and sending them on dates with brand-new singles they’ll invite to the villa. Will they create better matches, or will they create chaos?

In Netflix’s latest over-the-top journey of strategy and dating hosted by Nick Lachey, only one couple will be crowned the Perfect Match. And this time, all of the gimmicks of their previous shows are gone. This is all about connecting no holds barred.

The cast has dating show “villains,” reality competition winners, and TV personalities who have stirred up controversies. Will this new attempt at finding love and success on a Netflix show work out for them this time? Viewers will find out as the series unfolds.

Perfect Match batch one consists of Episodes 1-4, with four more episodes dropping weekly on February 21 and February 28. Each episode clocks in around 1 hour long. The series is executive produced by Chris Coelen, Eric Detwiler, Sarah Dillistone, Sharyn Mills, and Heather Crowe of Kinetic Content.

Scroll down to the gallery below to refresh your memory on how you know these stars. Plus, find out why they’re dipping their toes back into the reality TV pool.

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Damian Powers in 'Perfect Match'
Courtesy of Netflix

Damian Powers

Seen In: Love Is Blind Season 1

Damian’s ex-fiancée, Giannina Gibelli, told him he “wasn’t the best sex of [her] life” while living together in Season 1 of the Netflix dating experiment. He was also seemingly entangled with Francesca Farago at one point, whose presence in After the Altar caused some tension with Giannina. Francesca is also in the Perfect Match cast, and Damian has his eyes set on her.

Francesca Farago in 'Perfect Match'
Courtesy of Netflix

Francesca Farago

Seen In: Too Hot to Handle Season 1, Love Is Blind: After the Altar Season 1

Francesca was the first person in Too Hot to Handle to break Lana’s rules. She continued to break them until she ended up engaged to cast mate Harry Jowsey. After they split, she ended up involved with Damian, but only time will tell if she wants him the same way he wants her. One thing’s certain, Francesca doesn’t want to be seen as the villain anymore. She told Tudum, “It’s hard watching [Too Hot to Handle] back, but then I feel like I grow as a person.”

Bartise Bowden of 'Love is Blind' Season 3
Sara Mally/Netflix

Bartise Bowden

Seen In: Love Is Blind Season 3

Bartise was one of Love Is Blind Season 3’s villains for leaving Nancy Rodriguez jilted at the altar (and how he treated her leading up to that moment). For him, love wasn’t blind. Now, he’s single and ready to find love again.

Colony Reeves of 'Selling Tampa'

Colony Reeves

Seen In: Selling Tampa

Colony previously struck up a romance with one of her clients at Allure Realty, but now she’s looking for something longer-lasting.

Dom Gabriel in 'Perfect Match'

Dom Gabriel

Seen In: The Mole Season 1

Dom felt he was “too nice” to succeed on The Mole, but that might make him successful on this series. He’s looking for someone who appreciates romance and his favorite entertainment mediums, like anime and comics.

Savannah Palacio in 'Perfect Match'

Savannah Palacio

Seen In: The Circle Season 2

A squabble with Terilisha saw Savannah’s time on The Circle end. Her strategic skills may have served her on the competition series, but will they hold her back when looking for love?

Izzy Fairthorne in 'Perfect Match'

Izzy Fairthorne

Seen In: Too Hot to Handle Season 3

Izzy broke nearly all of Lana’s rules in Too Hot to Handle, but now that her ties with Season 3 cast mates Truth DuVaun and Jackson Mawhinney are cut, she wants to get back out there and find a new rebellious match.

Ines Tazi & Abbey Humphreys in 'Perfect Match'
Courtesy of Netflix

Abbey Humphreys (Right)

Seen In: Twentysomethings: Austin

The Texas-native divorcée had flings with Kamari Bonds and Adam Davenport on her season of Twentysomethings. Now, she’s interested in dating the men and women of Perfect Match.

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere in 'Perfect Match'

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frere

Seen In: Selling Tampa

Love is the one aspect of Anne-Sophie’s life that’s lacking. The real estate mogul is looking for a man whose drive equals hers.

Calvin Crooks in 'Perfect Match'

Calvin Crooks

Seen In: The Circle Season 3

The personal chef is looking for something lifelong on Perfect Match. He previously had fling with Kai Ghost from his season of the reality competition series, but it didn’t grow into something more.

Chase Demoor in 'Perfect Match'

Chase Demoor

Seen In: Too Hot to Handle Season 2

Chase dated two of his co-stars from the dating series, Carly Lawrence and Tabitha Clifft. The professional athlete is now looking forward to dating without Lana watching.

Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen in 'Perfect Match'
Courtesy of Netflix

Shayne Jansen

Seen In: Love Is Blind Season 2

Shayne was one third of Love Is Blind Season 2’s salacious love triangle. Rumors flew about his connection with Shaina Hurley while he was still engaged to Natalie Lee. The realtor is now hoping he’ll find a spark similar to the one he shared with Natalie.

Diamond Jack of 'Love Is Blind'

Diamond Jack

Seen In: Love Is Blind Season 1

Diamond made it out of the pods engaged to Carlton Morton just for their engagement to end in a fiery fight just days later. Now, Diamond’s hoping to find a love that lasts.

Joey Sasso in 'Perfect Match'

Joey Sasso

Seen In: The Circle Season 1

The winner of the show’s first season, Joey is eager to find someone to spoil with his prize money.

Zay Wilson in 'Perfect Match'

Zay Wilson

Seen In: The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Season 1

Zay had a rocky road to the altar with former partner Rae Williams in The Ultimatum‘s first season. As part of the experiment, they broke up and dated other people. He dated Shanique Imari, but they were better off as friends. And his reunion with Rae was not a smooth one; they ultimately moved on from their relationship. Zay’s ready to find love with no ultimatums in sight.

Lauren 'LC' Chamblin of 'Love Is Blind'

Lauren 'LC' Chamblin

Seen In: Love Is Blind Season 1, After the Altar Season 1

LC dated Matt Barnett in the pods up until he got engaged to Amber Pike. In Perfect Match, she’s trying to avoid love triangles as much as she can.

Nick Uhlenhuth in 'Perfect Match'

Nick Uhlenhuth

Seen In: The Circle Season 3

Nick referred to himself as Daddy Nick with #BigNickEnergy in The Circle. He ran multiple profiles at once during Season 3, but didn’t win in the end. In Perfect Match, he’s looking for just one special person.

Kariselle Snow in 'Perfect Match'

Kariselle Snow

Seen In: Sexy Beasts Season 1

Mercifully, there are no terrifying animal special effects in Perfect Match, so viewers and the cast actually get to see Kariselle’s face. They saw her as a panda before. This is Kariselle’s third time at the reality dating rodeo. The first was MTV’s Are You the One?. She’s hoping third time will be the charm as she looks for her husband on Perfect Match.

Bartise Bowden and Ines Tazi in 'Perfect Match'
Courtesy of Netflix

Ines Tazi

Seen In: The Circle France

Ines catfished her Circle co-stars, but the Parisian is looking to find real, passionate love in this new series.

Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason in 'Perfect Match'
Courtesy of Netflix

Mitchell Eason (Right)

Seen In: The Circle Season 2

Mitchell revealed he was a virgin in Season 2 of The Circle, but people had a hard time believing him. He dated co-star Chloe Veitch (also part of this new cast, pictured above with Mitchell), but they broke up six months ago. Now, he’s eager to let his true feelings out.

Chloe Veitch of 'Too Hot To Handle'

Chloe Veitch

Seen In: Too Hot to Handle Season 1, The Circle Season 2

Chloe has dated four of her reality show co-stars: Bryce, Kori, and David from Too Hot to Handle Season 1, and Mitchell from The Circle, although the latter relationship began after they filmed Season 2. Chloe has no idea that Mitchell is competing this season. We’ll see how that boils over.

Will Richardson of 'The Mole' Season 1
James Gourley/Netflix

Will Richardson

Seen In: The Mole Season 1

The winner of The Mole is ready to find love, but Tudum teases a possible rivalry between him and fellow Mole alum Dom.

Georgia Hassarati of 'Too Hot To Handle'

Georgia Hassarati

Seen In: Too Hot to Handle Season 3

Georgia proved she, too, was a Lana rule-breaker when she kissed Izzy in Too Hot to Handle Season 3. Now that her romances with former co-stars Stevan Ditter and Gerrie Labuschagné have fizzled out, Georgia is on the hunt for her soulmate.