6 Storylines to Expect in 'Outlander' Season 6, According to the Books

Meaghan Darwish
Outlander Season 5

Outlander may not return for quite a while, leaving fans in a prolonged state of that dreaded thing known as "Droughtlander," but there's still a lot to look forward to considering the show has been renewed through Season 6.

Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire's (Caitriona Balfe) time-traversing love story took some of the show's darkest turns in Season 5. Whether it was Claire's capture, imprisonment and rape by multiple men or Roger's near-death experience being hung at the Alamance battlefield, there was more than a fair share of heart-stopping moments.

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Check out what we found, from Jamie's tartan to that rabbit and everything in between.

As the Frasers regroup at their North Carolina-based Ridge, we're taking a look at the plots that could remain on the horizon, keeping in mind that the show at times deviates from the source material of Diana Gabaldon's books. Season 6 would cover Book 6, A Breath of Snow and Ashes, which is set between the years 1773 and 1776, bringing viewers into the height of America's Revolution.

Below, catch up on some of the quirkier details that could occur when Outlander returns to Starz ... someday.

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