6 Biggest Takeaways From the ‘Outlander’ Season 5 Sneak Peek (PHOTOS)

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Outlander Season 5 2020
Outlander s5 sneak peek 1

Young Jamie

In a first for the show, we see a tyke-sized Jamie as he mourns the death of his mother Ellen. The visual really puts into perspective just how traumatizing the event was for him.

Outlander s5 sneak peek 2

Godfather Murtagh

Thankfully Murtagh was there for Jamie following Ellen’s death and he promises the young boy he’ll always be there for him. “I’ll follow you always,” the man tells Jamie. Could this flashback be a sign of what’s to come with their somewhat father-son dynamic? Perhaps things will be different now that Jamie’s cooperating with the red coats and Murtagh’s a revolutionary.

Outlander s5 sneak peek 3

Cleaning Up

Roger (Richard Rankin) is seen trying to shave when the sneak peek switches to the “present day” timeline. Before going further, we assume this could be wedding prep for his and Brianna’s (Sophie Skelton) nuptials. The ceremony does take place in the book used as Season 5 source material, but we have yet to see for sure.

Outlander s5 sneak peek 4

Jamie’s Grilling

As Jamie (Sam Heughan) steps in to help Roger with shaving, Roger thanks Jamie for the cabin they’re staying in. He then explains that he plans to build a loft for his family with Brianna. Jamie looks skeptical, but it’s clear Roger wants to show he can provide for his wife and child.

Outlander s5 sneak peek 5

Relying on Others

Jamie says in the meantime Roger will have to rely on others, but his sympathetic smile proves this pair is in a much better place than they were in Season 4.

Outlander s5 sneak peek 6

The Ring

Essentially confirming the day’s event, Jamie hands over a ring Murtagh made for Roger to give to Bree. And while fans love the romance between Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in the series, this Season 5 opener implies the male relationships will play just a crucial a role.

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The Droughtlander is reaching its end as 2020 approaches, but until Season 5 of Outlander arrives, fans have been gifted with a sweet treat.

On Sunday, December 15, Starz aired the first few minutes of Season 5, offering viewers a glimpse at what’s to come. Available for viewing on the Starz app and with a subscription, the sneak peek focuses heavily on the male bonds within the show.

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Keep up with the Frasers amidst the Droughtlander.

Serving as a two-parter, the roughly five-minute segment features two scenes, one between a young Jamie and his godfather Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix), while the other features Jamie (Sam Heughan) alongside Roger (Richard Rankin).

While romance is the driving force in the fantasy drama, it’s clear in this set-up that Season 5 will test the bonds forged between the men — for good or for bad. In the flashback sequence, Murtagh supports Jamie following the death of his mother, while in the “present day” scene, Jamie helps Roger get ready for an event.

Click through the gallery for our breakdown and let us know what you think about the sneak peek in the comments below.

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