‘Orange is the New Black’: Where the Ladies of Litchfield Left Off in Season 3

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Season four of Orange is the New Black is coming to Netflix on June 17, and while our favorite inmates seemed carefree last time we saw them, splashing around in a "lake" outside of the prison, we were left with tons of lingering questions. What's up with all the new inmates? Is Alex okay? Will we ever see Stella (Ruby Rose) again? And how has Caputo not been fired yet?!

Check out this gallery for a refresher on where we left off on Orange is the New Black.

Orange is the New Black, Season 4 debuts Friday, June 17, Netflix.

Piper (Taylor Schilling)

After Stella steals Piper’s hard-earned money from her prison panty business, Piper frames her and gets her sent to max. It was ruthless—and shows how much Piper has hardened since we first met her. While her fellow inmates are enjoying the sun, she’s tattooing herself. What’s next for Piper and her shaky moral compass, especially now that she has a few enemies within prison walls? And, equally important, is there any hope for Piper and Alex now that Stella’s gone?

Alex (Laura Prepon)

Speaking of Alex, the last time we saw her, her future was unclear. As her fellow inmates were bathing in that lake, Alex was taking on a hit-man/prison-guard in a greenhouse. And though Prepon has confirmed that she has survived, and is very much present in season four, how will Alex’s story line progress now that her paranoia has been confirmed to be justified?

Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba)

Fan-favorite Crazy Eyes’ science fiction erotica series becomes popular among the inmates, until it falls into the hands of the prison staff, and gets Berdie put on temporary leave. Last we see of Crazy Eyes, she’s seen creating her own real-life romance, flirting and holding hands with Maureen. Will we finally see her find love this season?

Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning)

Last season, Pennsatucky gained our sympathy after a prison guard raped her, and last we saw her she’s playing chicken with her new friend Boo. We’re excited to see her friendship with Boo evolve, and see Manning handle the darker material in her story line. But bad news: the cast has teased a major character’s death this season, and rumors all but point to Pennsatucky. Will she survive to see another season?

Daya (Dascha Polanco)

The last time we saw Daya, she was reveling in the time with her mother that she desperately wanted. But things aren’t all peachy for her. Bennett has abandoned her, and her baby is in the hands of the DEA. Will we find out the fate of Daya’s baby? And is there any hope for her and Bennett?

Taystee (Danielle Brooks)

After spending the season battling her role as the parental figure of the group, last we see of Taystee she’s finally letting loose—which she needed, after her emotional breakdown following the whole Vee thing. But working in isolation for Caputo this season, we wonder if she’ll start to miss her pseudo-den-mother responsibilities.

Sophia (Laverne Cox)

Poor, poor Sophia. After an argument with Gloria caused the other inmates to go against her—and her gender identity—she was sent to SHU. New photos of Sophia show a sad shell of her former self, so is there any hope for her escaping SHU? That’s to be determined, though Laverne Cox has said this season will address transgender inmate issues.

Caputo (Nick Sandow)

He certainly cares about his job, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s good at it. While the newly promoted warden was tackling the Angie escape, he was faced with the mass breakout from the ladies of the lake. Oh, and then his C.O.s staged a walkout at the same time. Will Caputo keep his job after all of this?
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