11 One Chicago Characters Who Should Visit 'SVU,' 'FBI' & 'Most Wanted'

One Chicago Dick Wolf Crossover Characters
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Dick Wolf's Windy City first-responder dramas have already crossed over with fellow NBC staple Law & Order: SVU a couple times, and CBS' FBI ended its second season with a visit from Chicago P.D.'s Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos).

With all three Chicago series and SVU renewed for an additional three seasons—and with FBI's success in joining their universe—why not mix it up a bit more going forward? Yes, the major One Chicago multi-show events are great, but as FireP.D., and Med have shown, the smaller visits and mash-ups work well, too.

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9 One Chicago Characters Who Should Cross Over Next Season

Some of these 'Fire,' 'Med,' and 'P.D.' characters already have reasons to show up on other shows.

While it's easiest to envision members of P.D.'s Intelligence Unit coming to New York to follow a lead on a case or crossing paths with FBI: Most Wanted's Fugitive Task Force, there's no rule that says work has to be what brings a character to the Big Apple.

Scroll down to see the One Chicago characters who should spend some time with the law enforcement officers of Wolf's other shows.

One Chicago Dick Wolf Crossover Characters PD Voight
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Chicago P.D.'s Voight

Voight was the one to send Hailey to New York after witnessing her crossing one too many lines. Why not have him work with the FBI task force there and see how he, Jubal, and Isobel might get along? Or have him run into the fugitive task force while they’re on the road for a case? Voight has also worked with SVU in the past, and it would be great to see him do so again.

One Chicago Dick Wolf Crossover Characters PD Intelligence
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Chicago P.D.'s Halstead, Burgess, Atwater and Ruzek

Intelligence has been through quite a bit this past season. Burgess and Ruzek lost their baby. Halstead got too involved in the lives of a wrongfully accused man’s family. Atwater spoke up against a fellow officer’s racial profiling and is now facing some trouble there. Each one of them could use some time away, and Voight could always send another team member to the FBI in New York to go through what Hailey did.

One Chicago Dick Wolf Crossover Characters Fire Brett
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Chicago Fire's Brett

If anyone could use a change of scenery to think about things, it’s Brett, who started off last season engaged and away from Firehouse 51. Then she met her birth mother, only to lose her, and her new sister is living hours away. That’s not to mention the shakeup coming for Ambulance 61 with Annie Ilonzeh’s (Emily) exit and the dance going on between Brett and Casey. She could use a vacation, but because life can’t get too easy for her, perhaps Brett heads to New York where her expertise as a paramedic comes into play for an SVU or FBI case.

One Chicago Dick Wolf Crossover Characters Fire Severide Casey
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Chicago Fire's Severide and Casey

Casey and Severide are both very comfortable in their positions at 51 (and when they cross over to Med or P.D.). But throwing them into a situation on one of Wolf’s other shows might take them out of their element. While they’d no doubt be able to succeed, it could be interesting to see just how they might contribute on different kinds of cases and interact with different personalities.

One Chicago Dick Wolf Crossover Characters Fire Kidd
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Chicago Fire's Kidd

This might be a bit dark, but these shows have gone there before. Kidd started the “Girls on Fire” program this past season, and in the early finale, Kylie, the girl who had been most excited about it, was MIA. Kidd looking into that could easily lead her to one of FBI: Most Wanted‘s investigations or even to New York.

One Chicago Dick Wolf Crossover Characters Med Ethan
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Chicago Med's Ethan

We saw Ethan in a ride-along with EMTs in the Med finale, so you could imagine him signing up for some sort of program that has him working alongside cops or agents, even in New York — especially if he decides he needs more time to contemplate his relationship with April. (Or, the two of them could be in New York on a romantic getaway when they end up working with one of the teams there.)

One Chicago Dick Wolf Crossover Characters Med Charles
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Chicago Med's Charles

Let’s be honest: Every single character on a Dick Wolf show could use someone to talk to, and who better than Dr. Charles? It’s time to have him take on that role while he’s in New York to help SVU with a case.