‘neXt’: Meet the Cast of the Fox Thriller About a Deadly A.I. (PHOTOS)

neXt Cast Gallery Photos
Miller Mobley/FOX

Fox is aiming to make you a bit wary of technology with its new crime thriller, neXt.

John Slattery’s Silicon Valley pioneer Paul LeBlanc teams up with Fernanda Andrade’s Special Agent Shea Salazar to fight a deadly, rogue Artificial Intelligence, and TV Insider has an exclusive first look at Paul, Shea, and the rest of the cast in the gallery photos below.

In the sci-fi drama, Paul’s focus on his innovations has led to him alienating those around him, including his daughter Abby (Elizabeth Cappuccino) and his short-sighted younger brother Ted (Jason Butler Harner). When Paul discovers an artificial intelligence he created (neXt) could doom humankind, he tries to shutter the project, only for Ted, who now runs the company, to kick him out.

That’s when he joins forces with Shea, whose team includes the high-strung cybercrime agent Gina (Eve Harlow), the buttoned-up hard worker Ben (Aaron Moten), and ex-con hacker with a genius IQ CM (Michael Mosley). Away from the office, Shea’s married to Ty (Gerardo Celasco), a recovering alcoholic who’s doing most of the raising of their son Owen (Evan Whitten).

neXt was created by Manny Coto, who serves as executive producer with John Requa, Glenn Ficarra and Charlie Gogolak. Requa and Ficarra also directed the pilot.

Scroll down for a look at the characters of neXt!

neXt, Series Premiere, Tuesday, October 6, 9/8c, Fox

John Slattery neXt Fox Paul LeBlanc
Miller Mobley/FOX

John Slattery as Paul LeBlanc

Fernanda Andrade as Agent Shea Salazar in neXt
Miller Mobley/FOX

Fernanda Andrade as Agent Shea Salazar

Eve Harlow neXt Fox Gina
Miller Mobley/FOX

Eve Harlow as Gina

Aaron Clifton Moten neXt Fox Ben
Miller Mobley/FOX

Aaron Clifton Moten as Ben

Jason Butler Harner neXt Fox Ted LeBlanc
Miller Mobley/FOX

Jason Butler Harner as Ted LeBlanc

Gerardo Celsaco neXt Fox Ty Salazar
Miller Mobley/FOX

Gerardo Celasco as Ty Salazar

Elizabeth Cappuccino neXt Fox Abby LeBlanc
Miller Mobley/FOX

Elizabeth Cappuccino as Abby LeBlanc

Michael Mosley neXt Fox CM
Miller Mobley/FOX

Michael Mosley as CM

Evan Whitten neXt Fox Owen Salazar
Miller Mobley/FOX

Evan Whitten as Owen Salazar