‘New Amsterdam’: Sharpwin’s Relationship & More Burning Questions for Season 4

New Amsterdam 306 Ryan Eggold Max Helen Freema Agyeman
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Now that we’ve had some time to settle in with the knowledge that New Amsterdam finally went there with Drs. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) and Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman), we’re looking ahead to what the future might hold.

Just because the two kissed doesn’t necessarily mean smooth sailing going forward, though we’re not too worried about them as a couple. In fact, of the drama’s relationships, we have a feeling theirs and Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) and his husband Martin’s (Mike Doyle) might be the most stable heading into Season 4.

'New Amsterdam' Finale: Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman on That Major Max & Helen MomentSee Also

'New Amsterdam' Finale: Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman on That Major Max & Helen Moment

The stars also share what they want to happen next. Plus, who was shocked and who thought it was time?

After all, there are lies in the other two romances. It’s strongly suggested that Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) risked her career to get her girlfriend Leyla (Shiva Kalaiselvan) a residency spot at the hospital (and keep her on the East Coast). And Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) knows love interest Dr. Lyn Malvo (Frances Turner) is in an open marriage — but couldn’t have expected her husband to be the one offering him a promotion at the hospital.

After those shocking moments in the finale, we have quite a few questions that we need answered. Scroll down for them.

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Will it be an easy platonic-to-romantic transition for Max and Helen?

We’ve seen them, as doctor/patient, as coworkers, as medical director/deputy medical director, as “how are they not together?!” friends … and now we’ll see them in a relationship after that finale-ending kiss. And they will be in a relationship, as executive producer David Schulner told TV Insider, “[fans] should be worried about other things, but they’re going to get everything they wanted from Max and Sharpe.” So while we’re not at all worried that they’ll walk back that kiss, we do wonder what it will be like for them to be together — and for everyone around them to see them together. (We’re also hoping we’ll still get those rooftop chats.)

Janet Montgomery New Amsterdam Episode 314 Dr. Lauren Bloom
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Did Bloom really secure Leyla's spot at New Amsterdam with a bribe?

All signs point to yes. The only information we had before Leyla got that call was Bloom learning that the last time an additional spot opened up, there was a bribe involved. Plus, according to Schulner, “I think Bloom did the wrong thing for the right reason.” That seems like confirmation, but until it’s said on-screen, it’s always possible something else is going on.

Shiva Kalaiselvan Leyla Janet Montgomery Dr. Lauren Bloom New Amsterdam
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Can Bloom's relationship with Leyla survive her secret coming out?

Because this is a TV drama, the truth will eventually come out (likely at the worst moment), especially since Leyla will now be working for Bloom. “How does a secret like that eat away at the foundation of a relationship?” executive producer and director Peter Horton wondered. “It’s a little like having an affair. Once you have a secret in a relationship with somebody, it’s not benign, it eats away, it lives, it impacts things. It’s full of potential conflict and pending disasters because of the decisions that she’s made.” Something tells us that the happy Bloom we saw because of Leyla may not be around too much in Season 4 as that secret weighs on her.

ocko Sims Floyd Reynolds Frances Turner Lyn Malvo New Amsterdam
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Is Season 4 going to feature a slightly unconventional love triangle?

After trying to fight their attraction, Reynolds and Lyn were as together as they can be in their situation in the finale. Then her husband, Dr. Claude Baptiste (Andre Blake), offered him a promotion. It wasn’t until after that Reynolds learned who he is. Baptiste still has no idea; this is another one of those things bound to come out at the worst time possible (and we can’t wait). This unconventional love triangle could get quite messy in Season 4 because there’s no way that doesn’t get complicated, not with Reynolds and Lyn’s feelings. (She, after all, had never taken advantage of her and her husband’s open marriage before. There’s a reason she is now.)

Jocko Sims New Amsterdam Episode 314 Dr. Floyd Reynolds
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How awkward is it going to be at work for Reynolds?

After leaving New Amsterdam and heading to San Francisco with then-fiancée Evie (Margot Bingham), Reynolds returned at the beginning of Season 3 to learn his old position (Chair of Cardiothoracic Surgery) had been filled. Working in the ED was the only spot he could get, he told Baptiste, the Chair of General Surgery … who then offered him a promotion to Deputy Chair of Surgery. Honestly, we’re happy for Reynolds, but we have a feeling it’s going to get tense at the hospital simply because of the complicated romantic entanglements now surrounding him.

Tyler Labine New Amsterdam Episode 312 Dr. Iggy Frome
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How long will Iggy go without seeing patients?

First of all, we can’t blame Iggy for being hesitant to see patients again after he had to take a restraining order out against Chance (Luke Slattery) and then lie to get him to leave after he broke into his house. For Schulner, Iggy’s “making a really healthy decision” by “realizing he doesn’t want to absorb other people’s pain if it means sacrificing his own joy.”

But we can’t help but expect him to be seeing patients again sooner rather than later in Season 4 because helping people, including in therapy, is such a big part of who he is. As Horton pointed out, “he’s made a conscious decision that goes against his very nature. He’s determined to follow it, but those liminal conflicts where your nature is your nature and you’re trying to impose a will on it eventually have to collide with each other — that’s what his next season is going to be about. How does he resolve that conflict? It’s a powerful conflict.”

New Amsterdam Episode 311 Ryan Eggold Max Luna
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How's the custody situation involving Luna?

Last we saw, Max went to Georgia’s parents and told them he was fighting for custody of his daughter in the penultimate episode of the season. But what will his new relationship with Helen mean when it comes to his daughter? Might learning about it lead to more conflict for him with Luna’s grandparents? (We hope not, to be honest.)