‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 Reunion: Broken Livestream & More Shocking Moments

'Love Is Blind: The Live Reunion'
Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Love Is Blind: The Live Reunion.]

The Love Is Blind: The Live Reunion had more drama than intended. The livestream broke! The special, Netflix‘s second live event, was originally meant to begin at 8/7c, but technical glitches led to a delay of over one hour.

When it finally began around 9:15 p.m. ET (for some viewers, for others it still took a few more minutes to reboot), the reunion was no longer live. They cut to filming the reunion instead and airing it on Netflix as soon as it was ready. And that’s when fans got their first updates on the Love Is Blind Season 4 couples.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey in the 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 reunion


The reunion revealed that all of Season 4’s married couples — Chelsea and Kwame, Tiffany and Brett, and Bliss and Zack — were still married. The married pairs all sat together, while exes Micah and Paul and the solo Marshall sat on their own.

Jackie made an appearance later in the special in a pre-recorded interview with Josh (whom she’s still dating), and even Season 4 “villain” Irina Solomonova stopped by for an apology — the sincerity of which was up in the air.

After being largely absent throughout the season (a repeated practice since Season 1), hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey addressed all of the show’s controversies, as well as the hot-button discourse on social media. Here, we break down the memorable takeaways from the “live” reunion.

Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin in the 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 reunion

Chelsea and Kwame's Reaction to Social Media Commentary

For starters, Chelsea has finally met Kwame’s mom and was welcomed “with open arms.” Nick and Vanessa then had Chelsea and Micah address a never-before-seen clip of the women hashing things out in Seattle. Micah apologized again for the fight she caused with Kwame in Mexico, and Kwame explained that his feelings towards Micah throughout the season were part of him processing the emotions of the hurtful comment she made about their “failed proposal.”

Later on, Chelsea and Kwame addressed the comments social media about their connection. Fans were shocked when Kwame said yes at the altar, as they were convinced his body language screamed a lack of love. But they’ve been living together for over a year now and have stayed married. They blamed the apparent disconnect between them on the show’s edit, saying there’s only so much the series can show onscreen.

Irina Solomonova in the 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 reunion

Irina's Brief, Intense Appearance

Irina appeared in the reunion after last being seen in the honeymoon phase. She teared up when a montage of the “mean girl” behavior that earned her the label of Season 4’s “villain” played, but the tears drew mixed reactions from the crowd. Some laughed, others gasped, but Zack’s response to her apology was savage.

Irina said it was “painful” to watch the videos of her actions. When Nick asked Zack if he believed “any of the words” she was saying, Zack simply responded, “No” (cue the audience gasps).

“You did a lot of things that hurt a lot of people, including me,” he told his ex, saying she displayed even more hurtful behavior off camera. “If we’re real, you went on this show to get famous. But look, I forgive you,” he added, drawing shocked remarks from the live audience.

Irina said it hurt to hear Zack say those things, but apologized and said her behavior was a result of mental health struggles and the fear she felt after meeting Zack in person for the first time. Not fear for her safety, she explained, but rather fear from the realization that she immediately knew she “didn’t want to continue” with Zack upon first meeting. Going to Mexico was her giving Zack “a chance,” and her questionable behavior on their honeymoon was the result of her self-proclaimed fears.

Vanessa stepped in, calling out Irina’s behavior for the clearly rude actions they were, like putting a pillow over her head when Zack tried to kiss her, eye rolls in response to affection, and more. Vanessa said knowing that Irina was bullied as a child, her bullying of others looked “malicious.”

Bliss revealed some of said maliciousness. After returning from Mexico, Irina apparently DM’d Bliss saying she “dodged a bullet” with Zack, but also texted her ex-fiancé saying, also texted Zack, “I’m so sorry, let’s talk” and that she hoped something good would happen with Bliss. No one on set of the reunion was buying Irina’s framing of these events.

As for Micah’s part in the early examples of bullying, Micah apologetically said, “I think we both disrespected our partners and disrespected people here.”

Paul and Micah in the 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 reunion

Micah's Would-Be Answer, Paul's Comments About Motherhood

Micah and Paul dated briefly after their wedding, but broke up “pretty quickly after” he visited her in Arizona, the reunion revealed. This breakup, according to Paul, was around one year before the reunion took place.

Micah confirmed that she had Paul answer first at the altar so she wouldn’t have to be rejected after saying “I do.”

“I knew that I was going to say yes,” she shared, “and I didn’t want to spend the rest of our life” wondering if he said yes so as not to embarrass her. Paul said he was confident he would have said no regardless of the order and Micah’s answer, but he also didn’t know how hearing her say yes would have made him feel.

Much of Micah and Paul’s segment focused on the bombshell comment he made after their altar split, where he said he didn’t envision Micah being a good mother. Kids had not been a topic of discussion between them on camera throughout the season, but Micah said watching that comment for the first time when the show premiered was “terrible,” saying, “I felt like it was the worst thing that could be said about me.”

She had always dreamed of being a mother to several children and claimed she made that clear to Paul. He disagreed on that clarity, but apologized for the comment made after their failed wedding.

Paul brought up possibly not wanting kids for the first time just a few days before their wedding, Micah revealed. And he admitted that he “phrased that really unfairly towards her.” What he meant was that when they were on the show, he couldn’t envision them as parents together because he didn’t feel the “nurturing presence” in Micah that he equated with motherhood. In hindsight, he said it wasn’t about her, but rather that he “didn’t inspire” her to show her nurturing side to him. His response confused Micah, who was shocked to hear this explanation at the reunion and not while they were engaged, when it mattered most.

“You can’t just request people to be a certain way, and then suddenly they are,” Paul said. The nurturing nature had to come out naturally so as not to build resentment, he explained, Micah said she deserved to learn of these feelings of his before their wedding day.

Zack said Micah seemed “out for blood” for her reaction to things she was hearing for the first time in the reunion. He said that behind the scenes, Micah made it seem she didn’t want to marry Paul. Micah defended her right to have a reaction to this new information from Paul, as did Vanessa.

As for Micah’s friend Shelby, the one who disagreed with their relationship from the beginning, Micah said her friend “has a terrible delivery” but was acting out of a gut feeling that Paul and Micah’s relationship wasn’t working.

Marshall, Josh, and Jackie in the 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 reunion

Jackie and Josh Are Still Together

Jackie and Josh pre-recorded their reunion appearance the day prior with Vanessa, revealing they had been together since after they reconnected, were living together, and shared two pets.

Like she did on social media prior to the reunion, Jackie said she broke up with Marshall before the coffee shop date with Josh. Marshall said “OK,” in response, saying the exact timeline didn’t matter. Whether her version or his version is correct, she still started dating Josh almost immediately after they split, and that was hurtful for him.

Vanessa called out Jackie’s timeline, saying that regardless of when the coffee shop date happened, Jackie knew she didn’t want to be with Marshall when it came time for the wedding dress shopping day and still had not ended things, opting to ghost everyone that day instead. “Correct,” Jackie replied.

Jackie took accountability for her wrongdoings, but also accused Marshall of having ulterior motives with the engagement ring.

“Marshall wanted the ring back because he wanted to give it to another cast mate,” she declared. This was likely an assumption based on Marshall’s rumored relationship with Season 4 cast member Kacia, whom he confirmed he briefly dated after he and Jackie split.

“It was a symbol of my love … I felt like she didn’t deserve to have that symbol of my love,” Marshall said of wanting the ring back. Per Marshall’s story, Kacia reached out to him apologizing for their breakup, which she knew about because Jackie posted something about it on social media. “We explored” their interest in each other, he said, but couldn’t move forward because he wanted to distance himself from his experience on the show.

Jackie also recalled her “last straw” moment in their relationship, which happened as they were arranging their marriage certificate. According to Jackie, they were joking back and forth, but then Marshall called her a “derogatory” word. According to Marshall, they had been ribbing each other back and forth in a playful way, but he made a joke that took things too far. Per his description, he said Jackie’s strong jawline could have meant she “you could’ve been a man for all I know!” when talking about Jackie’s strong jawline. He admitted the comment was wrong when the audience responded negatively, but said he “did not use a derogatory term” in the conversation like Jackie claimed.

Nick and Vanessa encouraged Marshall to speak directly to Jackie through the camera.

“The whole you vs. me thing needs to die immediately, and not just because there seems to be a need to clear yourself or defend yourself — you have a whole dude,” he said. “You guys have been together for a year, and you’re trying to make something out of nothing and it needs to stop.”

He called a truce, saying, “I’ve offered that before,” and added that “for the second time in this experience I have been slighted” by Jackie’s absence. He then asked the public to let them move on and give all of the cast “grace” as they navigate life outside the show.