‘Locke & Key’s Long-Awaited Season 2 Gets a Full Trailer (VIDEO)

After the first season finale of Netflix’s horror-fantasy drama Locke & Key was full of game-changing twists, fans won’t have to wait much longer to see what happens next for the Locke family and friends as the series returns Friday, October 22. Along with previously unveiled photos, Netflix has finally released the full trailer for Season 2.

Based on the series of graphic novels by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez, the show follows the Locke siblings (Emilia Jones, Connor Jessup, and Jackson Robert Scott) after the death of their father as they discover several magical keys in their family’s ancestral home, Keyhouse. “As the Locke children explore the different keys and their unique powers, a mysterious demon awakens — and will stop at nothing to steal them,” reads the show’s description.

'Locke & Key' Netflix, Season 2 Poster


In the Season 1 finale, the siblings attempted to get rid of the evil Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira) through the Black Door using the Omega Key with their friends. After the group celebrated their success, it was revealed that Gabe (Griffin Gluck) had secretly been Dodge in disguise. Instead, the group threw Ellie (Sherri Saum) through the Black Door after being changed to look like Dodge. With the revelation that one of the demons that escaped through the door attached itself to Eden (Hallea Jones), Dodge is back to reclaim the keys with her new partner in crime.

“This world has so much potential to be reborn and consumed, to be ruled. It’s time to finish what I started,” says Gabe/Dodge in the trailer. Along with tons of new action, drama, and amazing set pieces, the trailer teases Gabe/Dodge and Eden’s villainous duo creating a mysterious new key.

The series also stars Darby Stanchfield, Petrice Jones, Thomas Mitchell Barnet, Aaron Ashmore, Bill Heck, Cody Bird, Jesse Camacho, Asha Bromfield, Liyou Abere, and Brendan Hines. Showrunners Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averil produce the series alongside Hill, Aron Eli Coleite, Chris Ryall, Lydia Antonini, Ted Adams, Andy Muschietti, Barbara Muschietti, David Alpert, Rick Jacobs, Lindsey Springer, John Weber, and Frank Siracusa.

Locke & Key, Season 2 Premiere, Friday, October 22, Netflix

'Locke & Key,' Season 2 - Connor Jessup as Tyler, Jackson Robert Scott as Bode, Emilia Jones as Kinsey
Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Tyler (Connor Jessup), Bode (Jackson Robert Scott), & Kinsey (Emilia Jones)

'Locke & Key,' Season 2 - Petrice Jones as Scot, Emilia Jones as Kinsey, Griffin Gluck as Gabe
Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Scot (Petrice Jones), Kinsey, & Gabe (Griffin Gluck)

Darby Stanchfield as Nina, Brendan Hines as Josh in 'Locke & Key' - Season 2
Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Nine (Darby Stanchfield) & Josh (Brendan Hines)

Emilia Jones as Kinsey in 'Locke & Key' - Season 2
Amanda Matlovich/Netflix


Aaron Ashmore as Duncan in 'Locke & Key' - Season 2
Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Duncan (Aaron Ashmore)

Jackson Robert Scott as Bode, Liyou Abere as Jamie in 'Locke & Key' - Season 2
Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Bode & Jamie (Liyou Abere)

Hallea Jones as Eden and Griffin Gluck as Gabe in 'Locke & Key' - Season 2
Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

Eden (Hallea Jones) & Gabe