Behind the Scenes of the Final Season of 'Jane the Virgin' (PHOTOS)

Jessica Napoli

Jane the Virgin is sadly coming to an end in 2019, which means the cast and crew are hard at work writing, directing, filming, and editing the show's final scenes.

A lot needs to be explained in these episodes, as Season 4 left off with one of TV's most shocking endings: the return of Michael (Brett Dier), who was previously believed to be dead! This leaves his widow, Jane (Gina Rodriguez), in an uncomfortable predicament as she was about to take her relationship with baby daddy Rafael (Justin Baldoni) to the next level.

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5 Theories for How Michael Is Still Alive on 'Jane the Virgin'

After playing dead for three years, the character returned to the series in the Season 4 finale.

One thing about the Jane cast that sets them apart from others is that everyone seems to be very close outside of the show. So much so, they're constantly posting goofy behind-the-scenes pics from set!

Click through the gallery above to see the cast hard at work (and play) in Season 5.

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