Is Walter White Dead? 8 Questions the ‘El Camino’ Trailers Might’ve Answered (PHOTOS)

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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie
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Is Walt Dead?

In the teaser released during the Emmys, Jesse (Aaron Paul) listens to a radio broadcaster as they report on the shooting that took place on Jack’s (Michael Bowen) compound. In the statement it is said that there are “nine male victims” and they were “shot multiple times.” As the report continues it is shared that a machine gun was used in “the killings” and people are being asked to share what they know about the “massacre.” If you’re a superfan, you may have looked up the finale scene when Walt (Bryan Cranston) sets off the machine gun to see how many people are actually killed, and while Walt could be counted among them, there is no exact confirmation about Heisenberg’s demise in particular. But, at this point the report could have revealed that the drug kingpin is actually dead after all.

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Will Walt Appear in the Show?

While it remains unclear if he’s completely dead or not, there is a theory from the full trailer which suggests his return. The song used in the trailer — “Black Water” by Reuben and the Dark — is an anagram for “Walter Back.” Make what you will of it, but this wouldn’t be the first time the show has gotten creative or symbolic with its hints.

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Who’s Returning?

While the full trailer revealed little in terms of casting beyond announced stars Aaron Paul, Charles Baker and Matt Jones, one scene suggests that Old Joe (Larry Hankin) — the junkyard owner — is going to make an appearance. In the show, he helped Walt and Jesse a few times, including destroying the famous RV.

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What Will the Movie Be About?

In the first teaser we quickly learn that authorities are looking for Jesse Pinkman, but it goes beyond his meth cooking. In one shot from the teaser, you can see Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) and Steve Gomez’s (Steven Michael Quezada) photos hanging on the wall — the search for Pinkman is personal for them as they attempt to avenge the DEA officials who perished at the hands of Uncle Jack’s gang.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

How Soon After Breaking Bad Does El Camino Pickup?

Considering the first teaser we see Jesse in and he’s cleaned-up, it was uncertain how much time had passed between then and his compound escape. But in the full trailer we see him as he was in the finale — dirty, disheveled and scarred — arriving at Skinny Pete’s door. So, it’s safe to assume El Camino is a direct continuation without any time gaps.

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Is Mike Really Going to Be in the Movie?

During the Emmys red carpet Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul star Jonathan Banks who plays Mike shared that he’ll be in the film during an interview with ET Canada . But for those unconvinced, the full trailer seems to confirm his sentiments as a blurry segment appears to include Jesse and Mike standing by the water’s edge (potentially where Walt shot and killed Mike). Of course, he’s dead which means the scene will likely be a flashback or dream sequence. Either way the image, although undefined looks to be legitimate.

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Is Skinny Pete Lying?

When the first teaser was released which showed Skinny Pete being interrogated, it was unclear if he was lying to authorities or not about knowing Jesse’s whereabouts. Even though he said he wouldn’t tell them, the full trailer suggests that he is lying in the interrogation because when Jesse shows up on his doorstep it appears to be only moments after the escape in Breaking Bad‘s finale.

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Will Jesse Get Away With Everything?

In the last scene from the full trailer, an unseen individual asks “Are you ready?” to which Jesse responds, “yeah.” The mystery voice, some fans have begun speculating, belongs to Robert Forster who played Ed — a.k.a. the man who helps people disappear. If this is the case, perhaps he’ll do for Jesse what he did for Walt and Saul (Bob Odenkirk), which means he could start anew and perhaps live a happier life? At least we can hope.

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Breaking Bad fans have been given a lot to digest in the days before El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie arrives on Netflix beginning Friday, October 11.

The highly-anticipated follow-up to the hit AMC series follows Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) as he attempts to correct his course in life by dealing with things from his past in order to move on in his future. Since the first teaser dropped in late August, there have been two subsequent trailers — one featuring Jesse in the El Camino car and the other a full trailer featuring more content.

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Despite not giving much away in terms of story, there was enough information to wonder if some questions fans have are already answered in the trailers. In the gallery above we take a look at a few of those questions that may have actually been answered based on the trailers released so far.

Click through the images above to see whether or not the question of Walter White (Bryan Cranston) being dead has been answered, among others.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Premieres Friday, October 11