7 Reasons Why It’s Time for Hetty to Return to ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ (PHOTOS)

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NCIS: LA Hasn’t Been Renewed Yet

Without any news on episodes beyond Season 10, we hope Hetty will return before it’s possibly too late. Of course, the show’s decent ratings make this a less likely issue, but you never know!

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Mosley Betrayed the Team

Before the end of 2018, Mosley (Nia Long) pretty much sold out the team in exchange for protection. And even though her actions weren’t commendable, she did have a reason behind them. Ultimately, the team let her go and she fled, but so now is a perfect time for Hetty to return.

linda hunt 3 densi wedding

Densi’s Wedding

An obvious reason for Hetty’s return, as what would Kensi (Danielah Ruah) and Deeks’ (Eric Christian Olsen) wedding be without this member of their NCIS family?

linda hunt 6 lost cast member
Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Show Already Lost Someone Recently

At the beginning of Season 10 it was confirmed that Special Agent Harley Hidoko had not survived her mission to Mexico, and we can’t imagine losing another member NCIS-er this way. Hopefully Hetty makes a return to balance out the loss that struck early in the season.

linda hunt 4 skills
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Her Skills

Some jobs are just suited to specific people and we can’t picture anyone working in Hetty’s place. If she’s to return, she could help with cases and allow the team to do more on a whole.

linda hunt 1 team work
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The NCIS team is like a well-oiled machine, but without Hetty there, they’re missing one key element. By having Hetty return now, perhaps some of their missions and challenges will be handled in a smoother manner.

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We Miss Her

Most of all, we miss Linda Hunt. The actress took a leave of absence following a car accident last year, but months have passed since then! Hopefully she’s healed and she fulfills her promise to return before the season’s end.

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It’s been a long NCIS: Los Angeles season without Hetty (Linda Hunt), and as Season 10’s back-half begins to wind down, we can’t help but think now is the perfect time for her return.

From major milestones to an uncertain future, there’s a multitude of reasons why she needs to return to her NCIS family and we’re listing them in the gallery above.

Scroll through to find out what they are, and sound off in the comments below: Why do you think we need Hetty back?

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