7 Hallmark Christmas 2020 Movies That Should Get a Sequel

Holly and Ivy The Christmas House One Royal Holiday Hallmark
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If the lineups across Hallmark Channel and Movies & Mysteries show us anything, it’s that they’re not hurting for content. Each year, there are somewhere between 30 and 40 original films that bring a little rom-com goodness to the holidays (or rather, a lot of holidays to a romantic comedy).

But while we oftentimes see some familiar faces (Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert, and Tyler Hynes are among those we expect to see every year), we only rarely revisit some of the characters and stories. And so to celebrate the holidays, we’re taking a look at just that for the 2020 offerings. Whether it’s to find out what’s next for a main couple (like in Chateau Christmas) or to see more of the secondary love story (One Royal Holiday), we fell in love with these worlds too much to see them end.

So scroll down for our picks for the Hallmark movies that need sequels. (Note: This list doesn’t include already-existing franchises like Christmas in Evergreen, A Godwink Christmas, and … Come Home for Christmas.)

Luke Macfarlane and Merritt Patterson in Chateau Christmas
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Chateau Christmas

It’s rare that a Hallmark film doesn’t wrap everything up neatly in a bow and act like any existing problems haven’t miraculously been solved in an hour and a half runtime. But for Merritt Patterson‘s Margot and Luke Macfarlane‘s Jackson, the sparks may have reignited but each still has their own professional ventures to tackle. Why not see if they can make it work while not being in the same place all the time and coming back together when they can?

The Christmas House Cast Jonathan Bennett Sharon Lawrence Treat Williams
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The Christmas House

Hallmark’s first movie with an LGBTQ+ couple as one of its main stories does seem to wrap everything up neatly: one of the sons (Robert Buckley‘s Mike) buys the house the parents (Treat Williams and Sharon Lawrence) are selling, and a look into the future reveals what’s next for each couple. But why not have everyone come back to the family home for another Christmas and see how Brandon (Jonathan Bennett) and Jake (Brad Harder) are doing as parents (with their storyline the focus of the movie), how Mike and Andi’s (Ana Ayora) relationship is going, and if Bill (Williams) and Phyllis’ (Lawrence) marriage is still strong.

Bethany Joy Lenz Five Star Christmas Family
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Five Star Christmas

The movie jumps right into Lucy’s (Bethany Joy Lenz) father’s attempt to open a bed & breakfast. Amidst the shenanigans of trying to impress an undercover critic, Jake (Victor Webster), each member of the family takes on a different role (as staff and guests). Let’s catch up with everyone a year or two later. Is the B&B a success? Are Lucy and Jake still together? Is Amber (Grace Beedie) pursuing a career as a chef?

Jeremy Jordan and Janel Parrish riding a sled in Holly and Ivy
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Holly & Ivy

While the movie does quite a good job wrapping things up — the future looks bright for Melody (Janel Parrish) and Adam (Jeremy Jordan), personally (they’re together, and she adopts the titular girls) and professionally (saving and planning to make their dreams come true) — we’d love to check back in with them a bit down the road. Does their family grow? Are their business ventures successful?

Julie Gonzalo and Ronnie Rowe Jr. in Jingle Bell Bride
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Jingle Bell Bride

Starring Julie Gonzalo and Ronnie Rowe Jr., this is one of the rare movies where the couple isn’t living in a small town at the end. Instead, they’re in the city, and we’d love to see not only if they can make a relationship work there, but also to see them return to that small Alaskan town. Maybe next time, Jessica can be the bride rather than traveling to fulfill a client’s request for her wedding?

Krystal Joy Brown and Bradley Rose in One Royal Holiday
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One Royal Holiday

Considering how much fun the entire cast is and how delightful it is to watch the royal party embrace being stuck in the small town, we’d be happy to revisit them in any way possible. But as much as we enjoy Anna (Laura Osnes) and James’ (Aaron Tveit) love story, it would especially be great to see a film that follows Sara (Krystal Joy Brown) and Christopher (Bradley Rose), whose romance takes a backseat in the 2020 film.

Amanda Schull and Travis Van Winkle in Project Christmas Wish
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Project Christmas Wish

First of all, Amanda Schull and Travis Van Winkle work so well together in this movie that we just want to see them paired again — and since the end also lends itself to more (let’s see what “Project … Wish” is like at another time of the year because there have to be growing pains to doing it outside the holiday season, even for Schull’s Lucy), why not just revisit these characters?