7 ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Couples That Never Happened But Should Have (PHOTOS)

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Addison Montgomery and Tom Koracick

MerDer fans definitely wanted Addison out of the way at times, but we can’t help but want her to still find happiness. Although her move to LA resulted in some new romances, had she stayed at Grey Sloan Memorial, we think she would have loved one of the newer doctors, Koracick. Addison always fell for the bad boys, and Tom Koracick has that cocky, rakish personality, but he’s also a sweetheart behind it all. He would have been a great guy for Addison and definitely would have made her laugh — which she needed to do more often after all of her marriage drama.

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George O’Malley and Lexie Grey

Although ‘Slexie’ was arguably endgame, we all wanted George O’Malley to find some love, and who better with than the somewhat dorky but sweet ‘Little Grey,’ especially since the pair were such great friends at one point. If only George had recognized Lexie’s signs that she had feelings for him.

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Atticus ‘Link’ Lincoln and Callie Torres

After her marriage with Arizona crumbled, fans were left wondering who Doctor Torres would end up with, but Penny was not exactly who they hoped for. If she hadn’t moved to New York for her, Callie and Link would have made a hot ortho couple. Given her bisexuality and the fact they both like to jam out in the operating room when sawing bones, Link would have easily been a doctor she’d swoon for. Seeing how amazing he is with kids, we can also picture him as an awesome stepfather for Sophia.

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Alex Karev and Meredith Grey

The two doctors have always been close friends and there for each other when they needed it the most. After Derek’s death however, Alex stepped up big-time for Meredith and even helped raise her kids. Part of us wanted Meredith to realize what’s been right in front of her and see Alex as more than just a friend, but his marriage to Jo shut down any hope of the only original interns left on the show getting together. Alex and Meredith fans can still hope though!

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April Kepner and Arizona Robbins

While April found love before leaving the hospital, Arizona sadly did not. It would have been an interesting dynamic to see April — who had previously only thought of herself as straight — explore her sexuality despite her religious background, and her good friend Arizona would have been the perfect person to delve into that with. The women had such a strong friendship, and Arizona was especially supportive when April lost her son. This is one friendship that could have flourished into something more to both liven things up on the show and have two of our favorite characters end up happy together.

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Jackson Avery and Izzie Stevens

Jackson and Izzie would have hit it off and made a great couple had their paths crossed more before Izzie left. Both struggled with being taken seriously as doctors because of their “pretty faces,” giving them common ground to build some chemistry off of. Plus, Jackson was incredible when Maggie’s mom died of cancer and when his own mother was diagnosed as well, making him the perfect rock for Izzie’s battle with cancer.

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Andrew Deluca and Jo Wilson

Although Jo never reciprocated feelings for Deluca and it was firmly established that the two were not going to be a thing after Alex beat him up over Jo, some fans would have liked to see what could have happened between them. There could have been something there worth exploring, and they are definitely fan favorites amongst some of the younger doctors. Deluca and Jo get along well as friends and would have made a cute couple, had their current partners not been in the picture.

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Over Grey’s Anatomy’s extensive 15 seasons, there have been many couples worth shipping, but also some that could’ve been great together but never came to be.

Click through the gallery above for our picks for the couples that could have been — pairings from another Grey’s universe.

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