10 'Full House' Episodes to Binge If You're Feeling Nostalgic (PHOTOS)

Stefanie Parker

When it comes to cheesy family sitcoms, there's no doubt that Full House reigns supreme. The show, which turned Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen into household names, first premiered in 1987 (!!!) and ran for eight seasons before wrapping in 1995. Over the course of the eight seasons, there were countless episodes filled with laughs, tears, and teachable moments. *Cue the sappy music*

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'Full House' 30th Anniversary: See What the Cast Looks Like Today

The fashions and the hairstyles have certainly changed ... we're talking about you, Uncle Jesse!

The show was famously rebooted with Netflix's Fuller House, which kicked off in 2016. But now with Fuller House wrapping up its fifth and final season, we find ourselves scrolling through Hulu looking for old episodes of the original series to binge. Get ready for a whole lot of Uncle Jesse — here are 10 Full House episodes that'll make you feel like you're in the '90s all over again.