10 ‘Full House’ Episodes to Binge If You’re Feeling Nostalgic (PHOTOS)

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Just Say No Way: Season 3, Episode 21

DJ goes to the school dance only to find out that her date is drinking beer in the hallway. While telling the guys that they shouldn’t be drinking, one of the kids sprays his can of beer on her. Uncle Jesse, who was chaperoning the event, sees DJ in the hallway and smells beer on her and immediately assumes the worst.


Shape Up: Season 4, Episode 8

When DJ finds out that Kimmy’s 14th birthday party is going to be held at a *gasp* indoor swimming pool at a hotel, she makes a desperate attempt to lose weight. She begins to skip meals by feeding her food to the dog, Comet. Then, the family all goes to the gym together (like most families do) but DJ gets so dizzy on the stairmaster, she faints.


Making Out is Hard to Do: Season 8, Episode 3

Gia hosts a “make-out party,” but Stephanie, being a classic Tanner, shows up with the board game, Pictionary. Quickly realizing what kind of party it is, she sits down with the guy Gia “set aside” for her and they start making out on the couch. Shortly after, Stephanie feels uncomfortable and leaves.


The Last Dance: Season 7, Episode 17

Uncle Jesse’s grandfather Papouli visits from Greece, and the family absolutely adores him. But during his visit, he sadly dies in his sleep. Michelle takes the news especially hard, as he was supposed to come to school with her and perform a Greek dance for Show-and-Tell. When Michelle goes back to school, Uncle Jesse shows up to do the dance with her in front of her classmates.


Michelle Rides Again Part 2: Season 8, Episode 24

Michelle comes home from the hospital after suffering a head injury while riding a horse. She suffers from temporary memory loss, so the family tries to help her gain it back. By the end of the episode, she (of course) gains her memory back and asks, “How could I forget you guys? You’re my family.” Cue the emotional music.


We Got the Beat: Season 8, Episode 18

Stephanie and her friends start a band called Girl Talk, but instead of practicing, they only care about their looks. They enter a talent show, but since they’re completely unprepared, Stepanie ends up knocking the microphone over with her guitar.


Stephanie Gets Framed: Season 4, Episode 16

After having trouble reading, Stephanie is forced to get glasses — but she’s not happy about it. In an attempt to keep her classmates from teasing her, she brings Joey’s oversized glasses to school and starts making fun of herself.


Greek Week: Season 4, Episode 1

Jesse’s grandparents visit from Greece with extra visitors, including a second cousin named Melina, who is identical to Michelle. They also bring a former flame of Jesse’s named Elena, who makes Becky jealous.


Gotta Dance: Season 5, Episode 8

After Stephanie excels in dance, Danny can’t stop daydreaming about her starring on Broadway. After putting too much pressure at her, she purposely messes up during her dance recital to sabotage her own chances of making it into a dance camp.


The House Meets the Mouse Part 1: Season 6 Episode 23

While vacationing in Disney World, Michelle is crowned Princess for the Day and is granted three wishes, leaving Stephanie jealous. After a while, Michelle lets the attention go to her head, and she finds herself wandering off from the group and getting lost.

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When it comes to cheesy family sitcoms, there’s no doubt that Full House reigns supreme. The show, which turned Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen into household names, first premiered in 1987 (!!!) and ran for eight seasons before wrapping in 1995. Over the course of the eight seasons, there were countless episodes filled with laughs, tears, and teachable moments. *Cue the sappy music*

The show was famously rebooted with Netflix’s Fuller House, which kicked off in 2016. But now with Fuller House wrapping up its fifth and final season, we find ourselves scrolling through Hulu looking for old episodes of the original series to binge. Get ready for a whole lot of Uncle Jesse — here are 10 Full House episodes that’ll make you feel like you’re in the ’90s all over again.