7 Questions We Have for ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 6

Fear the Walking Dead
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Usually, by this time of year, Walking Dead fans would have their second helping of zombie drama in the form of Fear the Walking Dead — but 2020 has been anything but usual. It’s sounding like the show won’t return until later this year, marking a huge change from its usual early summer release dates.

But the delayed release hasn’t stopped us from thinking about what might happen. Here are seven questions we’re going to need the sixth season to answer.

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Is Morgan alive?

We’re pretty sure Morgan (Lennie James) will make it out somehow, since it’s not likely the show will switch lead characters for a third time. The question is, how is he going to survive being shot and left for dead with walkers surrounding him? The obvious answer is Sherry, Dwight’s wife; we know she’s still alive, and she definitely might be in range to hear Morgan’s last radio call. And speaking of Sherry…

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When will Sherry and Dwight reunite?

Because it’s not “if” they’re getting back together, it’s “when.” The FTWD Instagram posted a photo of them together a few months ago, so it’s safe to say they’ll be reuniting, but with a season that seems like it’ll be mostly bottle episodes, it’s anyone’s guess as to when they’ll see each other again.

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Is Alicia okay now?

The radiation storyline just kind of dropped after the first half of Season 5, and even if Alicia’s (Alycia Debnam Carey) really cured, it’s kind of odd that it was made such a huge deal. If Ginny’s group really does have doctors and everything, maybe Alicia will go get checked out to make sure she’s all right? That level of radiation is no joke.

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Who are the creepy mask people?

Going into Season 6, it seemed like Ginny’s group would be the main antagonists, but now we’ve also got these random hockey mask guys. Are they good? Are they bad? (People wearing hockey masks are rarely good, it seems.) What do they want?

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Who is Ginny’s group?

We know they’re not tied to CRM, the Commonwealth or the group Michonne (Danai Gurira) saw at the end of her final episode on the main show — all of those theories were debunked by Scott Gimple. If she’s not part of any other major antagonistic group from the source material, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of group she’s running, and what they’re doing. From the looks of Luciana (Danay Garcia) in the trailer, they can get pretty bloody.

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Are any major characters going to die this season?

It seems the show’s response to losing Nick (Frank Dillane) and Madison (Kim Dickens) in Season 4 was to stop killing off main characters altogether in Season 5. Currently, the only character in immediate danger is Morgan, and we all know he’s making it out alive. Rarely do we go a whole season in TWD without losing a major character — last season we lost Siddiq (Avi Nash) and Alpha (Samantha Morton), and the finale hasn’t even aired yet. It’ll be surprising if we don’t see a major character go this season on FTWD, but then again, it was surprising that none of them met an untimely end in Season 5.

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BONUS: Is Madison coming back?

Probably not, but we can dream. Some fans thought the woman sitting in a cell in the Season 6 trailer was her — and it did look like her — but that theory has since been debunked by Kim Dickens. Let’s be real: there’s every likelihood that the show isn’t bringing Madison back, and she really did die at the Dell Diamond. But TWD has taught its fans not to believe it unless they see a body, so questions about her fate will likely remain until the series finale.