‘Fargo’: 5 of the Biggest Season 4 Questions So Far

Fargo Season 4
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Fargo Season 4, Episodes 1-3.]

The latest season of Fargo is well underway and while there’s been plenty of setup, there still are more than a few questions that need answering.

Set in 1950s Kansas City, the latest chapter in Noah Hawley‘s FX anthology sees two crime syndicates battling for control over the alternate economy linked to drugs, exploitation and more. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the story is the trading of the organizations’ youngest sons as a form of striking an unstable peace.

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Creator Noah Hawley also previews Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman's characters.

For those who tuned into the premiere, it’s clear this method doesn’t always have desirable results. While Kansas was once run by the Moskowitz Syndicate, they’re deal with the Milligan Concern went sour when Milligan son Patrick helped his family turn on the Moskowitz.

Thinking that he’d do the same to the Faddas, the Milligans traded Patrick once again, only to be betrayed and destroyed by the Italians with his help. Now, Cannon Limited, a gang led by Chris Rock‘s Loy Cannon encroaches on the Fadda territory, but who will come out on top? Will anyone come out on top? These are just a few of the questions raised early on in Season 4.

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A war is brewing between two Kansas City crime families in 1950 in the fourth installment of FX's quirky anthology.

Below, we’re taking a look at some of the questions we need answered before the darkly comedic drama concludes its fourth chapter.

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What's Wrong With Oraetta Mayflower?

The nurse who the Faddas encounter at St. Bartholomew Public Hosptial after Donatello Fadda (Tommaso Ragno) suffers a life-threatening injury is certainly not normal. Also a neighbor to the Smutny family, she has a penchant for poison and “mercy” killing as evidenced by Donatello’s eventual and unnatural death. But what’s her deal? She’s ridiculously blunt, has revealed that she’s fluent in various languages and seems to get off on bad deeds. We’re willing to be there’s more to her than meets the eye. Considering the era, her obvious intellect and keen interest in others, one could guess that she’s a spy of some sort, but she could just be a lunatic. We’ll have to wait and see.

Fargo Season 4 E'myri Crutchfield
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What is Ethelrida Pearl's role in this story?

E’myri Crutchfield opened up the season in character as Etelrida Pearl the narrator, and while her voice hasn’t played much of a role since, we can’t help but wonder if she’ll serve a greater purpose. It would seem that most of the action is happening around her and not directly to her, but considering her parents’ involvement with Loy, it’s clear that her life will become wrapped up in the storm that’s currently brewing between Cannon Limited and the Fadda Family. Plus, being biracial in the ’50s also comes with its own set of problems. It will be interesting to see where her story leads.

Ben Whishaw Fargo Season 4
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Will Rabbi remain loyal?

The Milligan formerly known as Patrick may now go by the name Rabbi (Ben Whishaw), but do his allegiances remain with the Faddas? Sure, he betrayed his own flesh and blood for them, but if he’s willing to do that, we’re willing to bet he could turn on almost anyone. One thing seems pretty clear, and it’s his protective nature over Canon transplant Satchel (Rodney L. Jones III). Is his protective nature part of a kinship or connection he feels with the boy, or the beginning hints of a possible betrayal against the Faddas? It wouldn’t be the first time a character plays the long game in a TV show.

Fargo Season 4 Jason Schwartzman
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Will Gaetano make a move against Josto?

Josto Fadda’s (Jason Schwartzman) brother is clearly not on the same page as him when it comes to Cannon Limited. After having lived in Italy, Gaetano’s (Salvatore Esposito) ready to ruffle some feathers, but would he make a move to unseat Josto because he thinks his brother’s too weak? His menacing presence doesn’t make us believe he’d go along with everything to appease family wishes.

Fargo Timothy Olyphant Season 4
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Do the cops have something in common?

Fans got a better peek at Timothy Olyphant’s Dick “Deafy” Wickware in the third installment, as his motive for watching the Smutny’s home became more clear, but is he only searching after Dibrell’s (Anji White) jailbird sister Zelmare Roulette (Karen Aldridge) and fellow runaway Swanee Capps (Kelsey Asbille)? Perhaps there’s more to his story in the way that there’s more to Odis Weff’s (Jack Huston)? The dirty cop who is clearly on the Fadda payroll has more than just OCD on his mind and in a world run by alternate economies, we can’t help but imagine these cops also operate in those circles for varying reasons. Hopefully as the season continues, those reasons will be uncovered.