‘Euphoria’ Finale Explained — That Ending, That Song & More (PHOTOS)

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Euphoria Rue

Why did Rue return home?

Despite it being Rue’s idea to run away in the first place because of how much she wants to be with Jules, she couldn’t go with her. “There’s nobody on Jules’ level in her eyes,” Zendaya said in a featurette HBO posted following the episode.

However, it was her family that kept her from getting on the train. “I think she’s just repeating and thinking about all the trauma she’s already caused her family,” Zendaya explained. “In that split moment, she just thinks about her mom and her little sister, which is something that we’ve never seen her do.”

Euphoria Jules Rue

Is there still hope for Rue and Jules’ relationship?

But is this the end of their relationship? “I love you,” Jules said when she was begging Rue to join her.

“We love them together, and we want them to finally be together, and they have this moment, where it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, they finally are in love and they can run off together,’ and then everything just comes crashing down,” Zendaya said.

There is hope, however. As Hunter Schafer pointed out, “their love still exists,” and the characters’ portrayers hope that they find a way to make it. We’ll have to wait until Season 2 to see what happens next.

Euphoria Rue hoodie

Why is Rue always wearing that hoodie?

The Season 1 finale featured a montage from Rue’s life, including her picking up that hoodie after her father died. It turned out that item of clothing belonged to him.

Euphoria Rue ending

What does that song at the end mean?

When Rue got home after leaving Jules at the train station, she did drugs and lay back on her bed before suddenly rising and breaking out into song. Is it a result of the drugs? Is that all in her head or could she be doing at least a version (not necessarily as theatrical) of it?

Or should we be more worried about what means for her? After all, she’s crashing through her home at the beginning and ends up collapsing on a pile of bodies. We’ll have to wait to see what happens in Season 2, but considering there is going to be another season, it’s unlikely that she’s dead (though that collapse could mean she’ll end up back in the hospital).

Euphoria Maddy DVD

What’s exactly on the DVD Maddy watched?

Before leaving Nate’s, Maddy took a DVD and later watched it. Going by her reaction, whatever she saw was shocking — maybe Nate’s dad’s (Eric Dane) sex tape with Jules?! — but we won’t know until Season 2 exactly who or what she saw.

Eddy Chen/HBO

Is Fez all good with his supplier?

Fez robbed a doctor to pay back Mouse, but when the man made a move, Fez beat him with his gun — while the doctor’s son stood nearby. And when he brought the money to Mouse, there was blood on it. “Are we all good?” Fez asked. Mouse didn’t reply. Uh-oh.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Euphoria, “And Salt the Earth Behind You.”]

The first season of HBO’s Euphoria ended just as wildly as the previous seven episodes.

Rue (Zendaya) was ready to leave her family behind to run away with Jules (Hunter Schafer) in the finale, but in the end, she couldn’t bring herself to follow through. And now it’s unclear just what means for her moving forward — if there is any moving forward for her.

After all, that closing musical number was certainly a head-scratcher, and we do wonder if we should be reading into what it could mean.

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Click through the gallery above for insight and speculation into the ending of the first season and what we need answered in Season 2. (The series was renewed in July.)

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