7 Questions We Still Have After the ‘Emergence’ Season 1 Finale (PHOTOS)

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Emergence Season 1 Finale Questions
ABC/Will Hart
Emergence Season 1 Finale Helen

Is Helen really gone?

It appeared that was the case at the end of the episode, no matter what Loretta did to Piper. She told Michael Denman (Currie Graham) that Helen was only at Jo’s house “in a sense.” “it’s not Helen anymore,” she explained. “She’s the girl.” Michael said he “liked it, if it works.” What exactly did that mean? 

Emergence - Alexa Swinton - Season 1
ABC/Will Hart

What’s next for Piper?

Piper has quite a bit to figure out about her new self, as we saw in the final scenes. Can she help Ed (Clancy Brown)? Can she be controlled? Can she live a normal life? 

Emergence Season 1 Finale Alex Job

Is Alex going to take that job?

Alex was offered a job in D.C., and in the finale, he revealed he’d taken it — and was even looking at places in the area. But given Jo’s (Allison Tolman) uncertainty regarding her feelings for her ex-husband, the door was left open for him to decide to turn it down.  

Emergence Season 1 Finale Piper Ed Cancer

Will Piper be able to cure Ed’s cancer?

Piper’s still learning what it means that she now has nanobots in her new form, but they may prove to be quite useful. In fact, she’s figuring out just how Helen planned to cure Ed’s cancer. 

Emergence Season 1 Finale Brooks Jo

How does Jo feel about Alex and Brooks?

By the end of the season, something was building between Jo and Brooks (Enver Gjokaj) — the two did kiss — but there are still unresolved feelings between Jo and Alex. Jo didn’t say, to Brooks when he asked or to Alex. After her ex told her he was taking a job in D.C., she told him to stay. He said he would, if she meant she loved him and wanted to try again. Their future was still up in the air. 

Emergence Season 1 Finale Loretta Michael

What are Michael and Loretta going to do next?

Whatever they have planned, it seemed that they needed Piper — or that shell, at least — for it. 

Emergence Season 1 Finale Piper Ending

What did Loretta do to Piper in the final moment?

Michael Denman and Loretta realized what had become of Helen and Piper in the season’s finale scene. Loretta then conducted a test. “Let’s see if we can wake her up,” she said before typing something. And then Piper’s eyes opened. 

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for the Season 1 finale of Emergence, “Killshot, Part 2.”]

The first season of Emergence wrapped Tuesday, January 28 and answered most of the major questions — we even found out the truth about Piper (Alexa Swinton) well before the finale — so if this is it, was it a satisfying conclusion?

In some ways, yes. Piper sacrificed herself to stop Helen’s (Rowena King) plan and the equivalent of a nuclear bomb, but Alex (Donald Faison) came up with a somewhat crazy idea that allowed them to transfer Piper’s consciousness into Helen’s shell (and the AI to then take on her own appearance). 

But the end of the finale did leave a few things up in the air that could be explored in a second season. (The series has yet to be renewed.) Click through the gallery above for a look at our burning questions.