9 David & Patrick ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Moments That Are Simply the Best (PHOTOS)

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Schitt's Creek - Noah Reid and Dan Levy
schitts creek first meeting

Patrick and David First Meet

Right from the moment these two met the chemistry was undeniable. They truly were destined to be together before anyone actually knew it! You can even see by the look in Patrick’s eyes, he’s totally smitten.

schitts creek phone

David’s Many Phone Calls to Patrick

Remember when David just couldn’t get that message right? After only knowing each other for a few hours Patrick already left David tongue tied.

schitts creek gift

Patrick’s Super Sentimental Birthday Gift

This was the real moment of truth. Up until this moment David didn’t think Patrick had any romantic feelings for him. Maybe their date wasn’t the best, but that framed receipt from Rose Apothecary? Perfect.

schitts creek car kiss

Patrick and David’s First Kiss

The cat is out of the bag! David and Patrick have hella feelings for each other and they seal the deal during this incredible moment at the end of Season 3. This moment hit us right in the heartstrings.

schitts creek boyfriend

David Calling Patrick His “Boyfriend”

This totally accidental moment could not have been any better. While Patrick and David are fighting about the things they can’t seem to agree on, it’s very clear they’re on the same page about their relationship.

schitts creek open mic

Patrick’s Serenade

Patrick’s rendition of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best” left us wishing he was our boyfriend. He most definitely has the range.

schitts creek mariah

Patrick Loves David

Telling anyone you love them is hard. But if someone tells you that they love you and you’re like their Mariah Carey? Well, that’s the relationship I want to be in.

schitts creek party

Patrick Comes Out

While Patrick may have been accidentally outed to his parents, David saved the day in the best way possible. He made sure Patrick’s coming out could be on his own terms and also threw him the best surprise party possible!

schitts creek proposal

The Proposal

There were so many things during this proposal that could have ruined it, like Patrick’s probably bleeding foot or David’s unwillingness to finish the hike. But despite those messy details, these two still managed to have their perfect mountaintop moment.

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Could there BE a cuter couple?

Over the course of five incredible seasons, Schitt’s Creek has given us some of the most heartfelt moments we’ve ever seen with between David and Patrick.

Now that the two are officially engaged, why don’t we take a minute to remember all those milestones it took to get these two lovebirds where they are. Check them out in the gallery above, and cue those happy tears!

Schitt’s Creek, Season 5 Finale, Wednesday, April 10, 10/9c, Pop