‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 28 Cast on Rehearsals, Goals & More (PHOTOS)

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Walt Disney Television/Lou Rocco
Walt Disney Television/Lou Rocco

Kate Flannery

Funny lady and former star of The Office Kate Flannery is putting her best foot forward, but not without some trepidation. “I’m very nervous and scared, but excited,” she says with a pause before adding, “and scared to death and excited and scared to death.”

When we ask if she’ll be showing off a more graceful side than she did onscreen as the boozy Meredith Palmer, she says, “I feel like I got to do a lot of physical comedy [on The Office] so I feel like hopefully that’ll serve me, but I don’t know. We’ll see how far the grace goes.”

Mostly, she’s grateful for the support she receives from fans of the NBC comedy heading into the competition. “I’m so lucky, if nothing else happens in my career, I was on the best show on tv for nine seasons and I love that there’s been this resurgence and a whole new generation that are plugged in,” says Falnnery. “I’m so honored that people still care.”

Walt Disney Television/Lou Rocco

Karamo Brown

Dancing with the Stars is a show that I’ve loved forever and so to be a part of it is like a dream come true for me,” Queer Eye star and Fab Five member Karamo Brown tells us. “I told my agent, ‘if you don’t tell them yes today, I will literally have the biggest tantrum ever,'” he jokes.

As for his fellow Queer Eye stars, Brown says they’re thrilled for his latest role as competitor. “They’ve all been super excited and supportive,” he shares. “Jonathan [Van Ness]’s been giving me dance tips and Tan [France] has been super supportive.” Adds Brown, “it’s just really kind and nice to know that you have your cast — cause they’re like my brothers — in your corner.”

Positivity is what Brown plans to bring to the show, and he’s not concerned about competition and more about having fun. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he says, “I will never have an opportunity on a dancing show with some of the most talented athletes and stars in the world.”

Walt Disney Television/Lou Rocco

Sean Spicer

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer says he’s “nervous” heading into the competition but adds, “there’s a level of excitement that this’ll be kind of a fun different opportunity than anything else I’ve ever done.”

When it comes to his reputation, Spicer shares that he hopes people will learn more about him beyond his time in the White House. “There are things that I hope give [me] a little bit more dimension to the folks who only tuned into a briefing.”

Spicer has the support of his family as the season kicks off as he tells us, “My son is very excited, I think my wife and daughter share my nervousness.”

Walt Disney Television/Lou Rocco

Hannah Brown

ABC’s most recent Bachelorette is turning a new leaf. “I’m so excited to have this fresh start to share more of who I am as a person and I think being able to do that through dance is going to be an incredible journey,” Brown says.

As for any advice from her fellow Bachelor Nation stars who appeared in DWTS before, Brown says,”Nick [Viall] reached out and said it was going to be so great and fun. I’ve had a few others that have been on the show who have said it’s going to be a great experience,” adds Hannah. “I just want to make sure I give it my all and make it my own.”

Walt Disney Television/Lou Rocco

James Van Der Beek

“They’ve been asking me for a long time,” laughs former Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek about joining the competition.

The writer and father is excited to be a part of the show. “I miss being in front of a live audience, it’s one of the reasons I really wanted to do the show,” he shares. “I miss that direct connection with an audience.”

And don’t expect any hesitation from this family man. “As a father you always want your kids to not be afraid and to just jump in,” says Van Der Beek who hopes to set an example with trying something new.

Walt Disney Television/Lou Rocco

Ray Lewis

Super Bowl champ Ray Lewis is ready to hit the dance floor. He’s already been named MVP for the Baltimore Ravens, so is DWTS MVP next? “Yeah, absolutely, and if I can get that reputation right there, Hollywood here I come,” jokes the athlete.

While he may have shown off some moves during his days on the football field, this competition is a whole new ball game. “It’s so natural to dance and want to dance,” Lewis says of himself. “I think those moves give me a comfortability.” But it’s no picnic walk for him either. “It brings me out of that comfort zone but it’s a new challenge.”

Despite the pressure of the live shows, Lewis is excited about the competition. “I’m looking forward to every time I step on that floor,” he says. It’s gonna be exciting.”

Walt Disney Television/Lou Rocco

Lamar Odom

This two-time NBA champion my have moves on the basketball court but is “a little nervous” about entering the dance floor.

“I’m trying to conquer something I know I’m not good at,” Odom says. “I’ve never done that before, it’s just new for me.”

But he has faith in his ability to learn. “[On] the basketball court I was a winning student and hopefully here I’ll be a winning student as well and just get better and better with every practice.”

Walt Disney Television/Lou Rocco

Kel Mitchell

“I love to dance,” exclaims the All That alum. “I heard the practicing and the rehearsals are intense but I get up every morning and I work out doing calisthenics, so I’m thinking that’ll help me in this arena,” he adds about the preparation ahead.

The former Kenan and Kel actor also thinks his improv past will come in handy. “Oh yeah,” he says of his past experience serving him in the competition. “They do a lot of character stuff on [DWTS] too, so I think I’ll have fun with that.”

Mitchell also revealed who will be making up his cheering section in the audience. “My family, my friends, I’ll bring some surprises too,” he says, “like some celeb friends, [such as] the All That cast.

Walt Disney Television/Lou Rocco

Lauren Alaina

Former American Idol competitor and country star Lauren Alaina says she’s “athletic and outgoing” and hopes “those things help” her in the dance routines ahead.

While she may not know who her partner is, she says, “I’m just praying he’s taller than me and he’s patient because I need both of those things.” The singer may not be a stranger to competition but it’s different this time around. “It’s definitely intimidating because of the dancing aspect,” Alaina says. “I’ve never danced, so that’s a little scary, but I’m excited I like a challenge.”

And don’t expect her to buckle under the pressure. “The more people watching, usually the better I do,” she says. “I feed off of the energy of people, even knowing they’re in their living rooms watching will make me excited. I won’t be nervous about the people, I’ll be nervous about me.”

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The cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 28 was announced live Wednesday morning on Good Morning America, and now they’re opening up about their goals, fears and more when it comes to the competition.

After their morning show stint, the stars headed to Planet Hollywood in Times Square, where TV Insider caught up with them to discuss everything from the anticipation that comes with waiting to meet their partners and begin rehearsals, to fan support and much more.

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