‘Criminal Minds’ Stars Pay Tribute to the Series & Finale (PHOTOS)

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Criminal Minds Finale Tribute Cast Farewells
Joe Mantegna/Instagram
Paget Brewster Criminal Minds Finale Tribute Prentiss
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Paget Brewster shared a behind-the-scenes photo of herself and Adam Rodriguez laughing from the finale. “This was us, over 15 years, just laughing up until ‘Action’ was called,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’ll miss what we did forever – but we still have each other forever – cast and crew and fans. Nobody can take our 15 years away. ( or CM re-runs ! )”

Joe Mantegna Criminal Minds Finale Tribute David Rossi
Joe Mantegna/Instagram

Joe Mantegna shared the above photo from the party in his character’s backyard in the finale. “A toast to the fans who made it all possible,” he wrote.

Matthew Gray Gubler Criminal Minds Finale Tribute Spencer Reid
Matthew Gray Gubler/Twitter

“I’ve carried these 3 props with me almost every day for the last 15 years,” Matthew Gray Gubler wrote alongside this photo. “After tonight I’ll just carry them in my heart where I will forever keep memories of the best crew, the best cast, and the best fands (fans/friends) a fictional crimefighter could ever have.”

AJ Cook - Criminal Minds Finale Tribute JJ
AJ Cook/Instagram

“Holy smokes I am so grateful for these moments,” AJ Cook wrote alongside a series of photos of the cast on the set of the finale. “This show and these people have helped shape who I am today. Beyond grateful.”

AJ Cook Criminal Minds Finale Tribute Jennifer Jareau
AJ Cook/Instagram

Cook also posted a series of behind-the-scenes photos.

Aisha Tyler Criminal Minds Finale Tribute Tara Lewis
Aisha Tyler/Instagram

“This photo says it all. What an incredible ride with seven of the most caring, hardworking, talented people I have ever had the good fortune of working with,” Aisha Tyler wrote alongside this photo of the cast. “And a stellar team that toiled behind the scenes to make every inch of @crimmindscbs extraordinary.”

“Thanks to everyone who touched the show and showed me kindness along the way, to Erica Messer and Breen Frazier and that fateful first day where they pitched me a six-episode arc that turned into five exceptional seasons,” she continued. “Wheels up, friends.”

Adam Rodriguez Criminal Minds Finale Tribute Luke Alvez
Adam Rodriguez/Instagram

“Thank you all for being there to watch us,” Adam Rodriguez wrote in the caption of this photo from set. “We Loved being there for you!”

Daniel Henney as Matt Simmons - Criminal Minds finale tribute
Daniel Henney/Instagram

Daniel Henney also posted a series of photos from set, beginning with one from his last day, and wrote alongside them, “Will miss this cast and crew dearly. … Thank you to all the fans for all of your amazing love. …Thanks for an unforgettable ride.”

C Thomas Howell Criminal Minds Finale Tribute Foyet Reaper
C. Thomas Howell/Instagram

C. Thomas Howell’s Foyet left his mark with one of the most tragic moments of the series in the 100th episode, and he returned in the finale in Reid’s head. “We may have had our issues… but ‘In The End’ it’s all hugs and kisses,” the actor wrote on Instagram. “God Bless the cast and crew of Criminal Minds. What an awesome run we had… 67 times.”

Beth Riesgraf as Maeve - Criminal Minds Finale Tribute

Beth Riesgraf returned as Maeve in the finale and expressed her gratitude for her role. “Such an honor and a privilege to be a small part of this incredible show,” she wrote on Twitter. “I will miss it! I loved playing Maeve & I love the cast & everyone involved especially
thank you my friend.”

Jayne Atkinson as Erin Strauss - Criminal Minds finale tribute

Jayne Atkinson was one of several actors to return to reprise their roles in Reid’s mind in the finale. “What an honor it has been to be part of this iconic show,” she wrote when she retweeted a post about her appearance. “Sending my love, respect and appreciation to everyone.”

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Criminal Minds signed off after 15 years of hunting down bad guys and saving lives Wednesday night.

And while the work will continue on — though one of the team did leave for a job dealing with much less violence — the cast and fans had to say goodbye to their favorite characters. The stars had already started saying goodbye back when they filmed the finale, but they also shared farewell messages in honor of the last episode’s airdate.

Click through the gallery above for behind-the-scenes photos and posts from the finale’s series regulars and guest cast.