Which Other Classic Shows Should Get the 'Perry Mason' Reboot Treatment?

Nick Massenburg-Abraham
Classic TV Shows Should Be Rebooted

Anticipation is high for the Perry Mason miniseries set to premiere June 21 on HBO.

The production reboots the story of the iconic character most audiences came to know through the 1957 television series of the same name (itself adapted from the literary series by Erle Stanley Gardner). This time, we get a glimpse of Mason (played by Matthew Rhys) at the very beginning of his criminal defense career in 1930s Los Angeles. 

Matthew Rhys Shares 6 Things to Know About His 'Perry Mason' on HBOSee Also

Matthew Rhys Shares 6 Things to Know About His 'Perry Mason' on HBO

'This is not going to be [your] parents' 'Perry Mason,'' the star says of the prequel's surprising iteration of a beloved character.

From the trailer and early promotional materials, the miniseries already seems to have taken many exciting tonal and creative liberties that will allow the Perry Mason character to connect with a new generation of viewers. There are many other classic television shows that could similarly use the reboot treatment to give their legacies endurance with modern audiences and to reconvene their long standing fans.

Below, we break down ideas for some iconic series, from Gunsmoke to Maude, that might succeed with creatively revamped and equally exciting re-imaginings.