7 Canceled Shows From 2018-19 With the Most Frustrating Cliffhangers (PHOTOS)

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ABC/Nick Ray; Steve Dietl/FOX; Saeed Adyani/Netflix
ABC/Nick Ray

Whiskey Cavalier (ABC)

Though it looked like ABC might un-cancel the series, it did not and fans were left with several burning questions after the finale ended on a major cliffhanger: Did Ollerman kill Standish? Did Will and Frankie kiss?

The Passage cliffhanger
Steve Dietl/FOX

The Passage (Fox)

The finale jumped forward 100 years, and now we’ll never know who’s still out there, if Amy will find Wolgast, and answers to many more lingering questions.

The Gifted cliffhanger
Eliza Morse/FOX

The Gifted (Fox)

Despite seemingly being killed a few episodes prior, Blink returned in the last scene of the finale, with a new look, control of her powers, and an invitation for her friends to go through a portal with her to … somewhere.

Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet (Netflix)

The Season 3 finale ended with Joel deciding to become a zombie like his wife Sheila, and after Mr. Ball Legs climbed into his head, she bit him. He woke up in the final moments, but we’ll never know what happens next.

The Enemy Within - Season 1
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

The Enemy Within (NBC)

Though Shepherd took down Tal, the terrorist warned her of someone high-up in the U.S. intelligence community who shared his beliefs. Did that person exist? Would Shepherd and Keaton continue to work together? Would anyone else find out why she betrayed her country? We’ll never know.

The Village - Season 1
Zach Dilgard/NBC

The Village (NBC)

It’s not that the drama ended with a major cliffhanger, but we still want to know if Patricia survived her surgery. The last we saw her, she was being put under, and it could have easily gone either way.


Travelers (Netflix)

The third season ended with a reset, as Grant sent an email that the Travelers Program would fail. However, then version 2 of the program began …

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The only thing worse than your favorite show being canceled is your favorite show being canceled and ending with a cliffhanger.

It leaves a pit in your stomach. Now you’ll never know if a character survived, if a couple got together, or what another season would have looked like. Such is the case with quite a few series from the 2018-19 season that didn’t get renewed.

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From a spy dramedy that left too much up in the air to finales that ended with time jumps and portals to the unknown, click through the gallery above to see which series-ending cliffhangers we found the most frustrating.