Best Lines of the Week (February 4-10): ‘You Said Memories Exist Outside of Time’

Zendaya in Euphoria

With exciting new characters and some of our favorites back on our screens, our couch has been begging us to get off its cushions for days now.

Hulu‘s Pam & Tommy is the new show everyone is watching, and Euphoria continues to keep us on the edge of our seats with Rue’s rollercoaster of emotions. Confrontations and father-daughter time took center stage on grown-ish, while our latest historical drama obsession has been The Gilded Age, setting us on a dramatic ride with shocking revelations every episode.

Scroll down to see which lines from these shows and more stood out to us this week.

Pam & Tommy Lily James Sebastian Stan

Pam & Tommy (Hulu)

Tommy: “How’s this way worse for you? ‘Cause of your career?”

Pamela: “No, it’s because I’m a woman.”

— Pamela (Lily James) to Tommy (Sebastian Stan) after their sex tape is stolen and released

Euphoria Zendaya

Euphoria (HBO)

“You said memories exist outside of time and have no beginning or end.”

— Rue (Zendaya) in a flashback with her late father

Matt Czuchry as Conrad, Kaley Ronayne as Cade in The Resident

The Resident (FOX)

Cade: “I’m fully in control of my past, present, and to some extent, future. If I need help, I will ask.”

Conrad: “Will you?”

— Conrad (Matt Czuchry) calls Cade (Kaley Ronayne) out after witnessing her reluctance to open up.

Temuera Morrison The Book of Boba Fett

The Book of Boba Fett (Disney+)

“Consider this my final lesson: Look out for yourself. Anything else is weakness.” 

— Cad Bane (Corey Burton) to Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison)

The Gilded Age Taissa Farmiga Carrie Coon

The Gilded Age (HBO)

Gladys: “His mother’s people came over on the Mayflower.”

Bertha: “If everyone who claimed to be on the Mayflower really was, it would have to be the size of a White Star Liner.”

—Gladys (Taissa Farmiga) gushes about a man she has met and her mother, Bertha (Carrie Coon), shoots down her excitement.

Grown-ish Tommy O'Brien

grown-ish (Freeform)

Phil: “The idea of having a living, breathing human being depending on me was… starting to freak me out. But I did think about her every single day.”

Nomi: “It’s really nice that you thought about her, Phil.”

—Phil (Tommy O’Brien) admits to Nomi (Emily Arlook) that he was wrong about how he handled things in the past and he thought about his daughter.

Francia Raisa as Valentina in How I Met Your Father

How I Met Your Father (Hulu)

“This is the worst episode of Gilmore Girls ever.”

—Valentina (Francia Raisa) on her BFF Sophie’s (Hilary Duff) relationship with her mom, Lori (Paget Brewster)

Resident Alien - Meredith Garretson as Kate Hawthorne, Alice Wetterlund as D'Arcy Bloom, Sara Tomko as Asta Twelvetrees, Sarah Podemski as Kayla, Elizabeth Bowen as Deputy Liv Baker, Jenna Lamia as Judy Cooper - Season 2

Resident Alien (Syfy)

“It’s like a party… but with a decent chance of prison time.”

—D’Arcy Bloom (Alice Wetterlund) at girls’ night out

Single Drunk Female - Jojo Brown with a cake

Single Drunk Female (Freeform)

Mindy: “Happy six months sober!”

Sam: “Is that the cake that’s been on the display case for four months?”

Mindy: “It is, which means you’ve been sober longer than this cake has been alive!”

— Mindy (Jojo Brown) and the rest of the AA crew celebrate Sam’s (Sofia Black-D’Elia) six month-sobriety with a fake cake from a bakery’s display case.

Somebody Somewhere Bridget Everett

Somebody Somewhere (HBO Max)

Craig: “You, uh, done any martial arts?”

Sam: “Not knowingly.”

— Sam (Bridget Everett) and a man at a bar, as he shares some odd facts like his past in taekwondo